Multi-Unit, Commercial, Mixed Use & Industrial Open Market Sale

Saskatoon Land is accepting offers on a variety of multi-unit parcels in Aspen Ridge, Evergreen and Kensington communities, as well as accepting offers on industrial lots in the Southwest Industrial area.

Interested parties are required to submit a completed Multi-Unit Purchaser Application Form or Industrial Purchaser Application Form which indicates the desired parcel(s) and offer price. The submission offer is non-binding and in no way obligates the applicant to purchase the property in question and is not in any way binding upon Saskatoon Land. It is for information purposes only. Saskatoon Land will review the form and contact interested parties to confirm whether or not Saskatoon Land will consider the application for further negotiation. Saskatoon Land reserves the right to negotiate with only those parties it determines, at its sole discretion. Saskatoon Land also reserves the right to amend or abandon any property listing without accepting any Multi-Unit or Industrial Purchaser Application Form. Once Saskatoon Land has entered into negotiations with interested parties, offer acceptance will be subject to compliance with the terms and conditions.

Multi-Unit Inventory

Multi-Unit, Commercial, Mixed Use and Industrial Open Market Sale Process

  1. Purchase Request
    1. Check out the Multi-Unit Inventory, Commercial & Mixed Use Inventory or Industrial Inventory to review property information.
    2. Contact Saskatoon Land at 306-975-LAND regarding any questions or further information.
  2. Submission
    1. Submit the Purchaser Application Form and Document Checklist to Saskatoon Land.
    2. Ensure that your offer addresses all of the terms and conditions outlined.
  3. Review
    1. Offers are reviewed by Saskatoon Land.
    2. The successful proponent is contacted by a Saskatoon Land representative. Negotiations regarding the purchase price and other terms and conditions of the sale can then occur.
  4. Approval
    1. The transaction is brought forward for corporate approval.
    2. Modifications to the transaction may be made during the approval process. The successful applicant will be notified of such modifications.
    3. A 10% non-refundable deposit of the purchase price is due within ten (10) days of offer acceptance.
  5. Architectural Approval
    1. Proposed building permit plans will be reviewed by Saskatoon Land for compliance with Saskatoon Land's Architectural Controls for Multi-Unit Dwelling Districts. The first submission of plans must be received by Saskatoon Land within eight weeks of offer acceptance.
    2. Proponents will have a total of 18 weeks from the date of offer acceptance to obtain final architectural approval from Saskatoon Land.
  6. Agreement
    1. Negotiations are finalized and a Sale Agreement is Executed between Saskatoon Land and the successful purchaser. The Sale Agreement must be executed within 30 days of final negotiations.
    2. Final payment is due no later than 30 days from the date of final architectural approval.
    3. The successful purchaser may apply for required permits to begin construction upon receipt of payment in full and upon architectural approval by Saskatoon Land.
  7. Post Closing Obligations
    1. Purchaser complies with all Terms and Conditions set forth by the Sale Agreement.
Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions Precedent:
i) Approval of the sale by the Chief Financial Officer, City of Saskatoon.

2. Special Terms and Conditions:
i)The property is sold “as is” and the purchaser shall assume all responsibility and liability including any environmental matters existing as of the closing date.
ii) Development on these lots will be reviewed for consistency with Saskatoon Land’s Architectural Controls for Multi-Unit Dwelling Districts and Development Controls where applicable.*
iii) Possession of the site will not be granted until completion of the Architectural Evaluation.*
iv) The purchaser further agrees to grant the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, SaskEnergy Incorporated, and any utility agency any easements, which may be required by any or all of the said agencies at no cost.
v) Purchasers are required to demonstrate past experience with completing multi-unit projects.*

*does not apply to industrial open market sales.


What happens if multiple offers are submitted by different parties for the same parcel? 
In the event multiple offers are submitted for the same parcel, Saskatoon Land will enter into negotiations with the party having the highest offer in compliance with applicable terms and conditions, provided that said is offer is deemed to be acceptable market value.

Are there any applicable development controls or architectural requirements that must be followed?
Plans for all parcels being sold through this open market sale will be reviewed by Saskatoon Land for compliance with Saskatoon Land’s development controls. For specific information on development controls, please see the Multi-Unit Architectural Controls.

What happens if I submit an offer on a parcel?
Saskatoon Land will review all offers. Following this, Saskatoon Land will contact interested parties for further negotiations. Offer acceptance will be subject to terms and conditions.