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2020-2021 Multi-Year Budget


To increase the accountability and transparency of our business plan and budget process and to adopt a longer-term view on financial planning, the City of Saskatoon is undertaking a new multi-year business plan and budget for the years 2020 and 2021. Through this new approach, City Council’s Strategic Plan and City Council’s 10 Strategic Priorities of Focus will continue to drive the business planning and budget process.

The City's new multi-year business plan and budget process has many benefits, including: 

  • better alignment of the City’s longer-term goals and objectives through longer-term funding plans;
  • improved financial stability, transparency and accountability over our investments and spending plan changes;
  • more flexible allocation of our resources so we can accomplish more of our goals over time;
  • greater certainty for residents about the future direction of property taxes in Saskatoon, and satisfaction of getting a high value for tax dollars; 
  • better alignment with funding from other orders of government, especially helpful in the planning of major infrastructure projects; and
  • more planned public engagement opportunities to gather citizen feedback on the City's performance, and on residents' priorities and preferences when it comes to civic services and budget investments.

Citizen input has always been an important part of our budget process, and in 2018 the City will offer even more ways to gather public input to be considered in the development of the 2020-2021 Multi-Year Budget. The Civic Satisfaction & Performance Survey, the first of our two planned surveys, closed July 29, 2018.  View a snapshot of all results here. 

Visit to view the latest public participation opportunities. Citizen feedback will be considered in the development of the 2020 - 2021 Multi-Year Budget.