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Building & Property Information


Property Information Disclosure (PID) Application Payment Update

Effective January 1, 2021, customers will no longer be able to use bill to account (SAR billing) as an option to pay for their PID application. The preferred method of payment is credit card and payment can be made over the phone by calling 306-975-2645

A Property Information Disclosure report provides information relating to:

  • Building and plumbing permit history and deficiencies
  • Occupancy permits for existing suites in one-unit dwellings
  • Outstanding fire orders
  • Heritage and zoning designations
  • Outstanding landscaping and parking requirements
  • Presence of additional zoning requirements

How to apply for a Property Information Disclosure

Turnaround time to complete a report is three business days. Multiple-unit dwellings or complex requests, such as a strip mall, may take longer.

View Property Information Online

The tool provides customers with free online access to view:

  • Building and plumbing permit information (including permit number, issue date, description, and permit status)
  • Address information (legal land description and site area)
  • Zoning and Heritage designation of the property

Building Permit History 

Submit a request online by emailing your building permit history request to with proof of ownership or a completed consent to disclose building plan drawings form. Most requests are completed in one to three business days.  

Permit Data and Reports

View the monthly permit data reports.

Civic Addressing

Find out how to request a change of address.