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Heritage Properties & Programs

Discover Your Property's History

Add new dimensions to Saskatoon’s past by studying your personal home history! Find research tips for exploring the history of your home, from architecture, historic context, and the history of the building itself, including who lived there.

Municipal Heritage Property Designation

Designated Municipal Heritage Properties are recognized as being of major significance to the history of our community. Protected by City bylaw, designated properties must be maintained and the key heritage features cannot be altered without approval from the City.

Heritage Plan, Policy & Program Review

In 2012, the City completed a Heritage Policy and Program Review. The review provided a framework to further recognize the potential of the city's heritage resources to act as a solid basis for the development of a vital and sustainable urban environment.

Facade Conservation & Enhancement Grant Program

The Façade Conservation & Enhancement Program provides grants to property owners and businesses located in established commercial areas to enhance the overall street character.

Heritage Register

The Saskatoon Register of Historic Places (Register) is an official listing of heritage resources identified by the City of Saskatoon as having significant heritage value or interest.