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Lot Drainage

Lot grading (drainage) refers to the shaping or sloping of land elevations to ensure that surface runoff from rain or snow is directed away from buildings toward a city street or lane and into the city’s storm sewer system. Proper lot grading is essential to avoid flooding and property damage.

As the city of Saskatoon continues to grow, new neighbourhoods are developed to accommodate residential housing. The land development process involves designing an overall area grading plan including lots, streets and infrastructure. These plans are designed by engineers and approved by the City. They are used by surveyors to mark elevations to guide earth moving equipment as land is shaped and sloped to ensure proper drainage. Once new areas are developed and serviced, individual lots are subdivided and sold for new home construction. Homebuilders and/or homeowners are responsible for ensuring that their lots are properly graded.

Residential Property Lot Grading Guidelines

Detailed information on residential lot grading and drainage.

Lot Grading Plans

Access City of Saskatoon Lot Grading Plans.

Residential Lot Grading Styles

Information on residential lot grading styles and guidelines.

Lot Grading Requirements

Information on minimum recommended slopes, drainage swales, and downspout/sump discharge locations.