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Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants play an important role in fire suppression and keeping residents safe. Thousands of fire hydrants are installed throughout Saskatoon to ensure firefighters have an accessible and adequate water supply when responding to a fire. Firefighters count on being able to spot the closest fire hydrant while driving and depend on a clear workspace to be able to hook up their hoses without encountering obstructions. Hydrants that are difficult to spot or gain access to could present delays in the response to emergencies.   

Follow these guidelines to ensure firefighters can easily access a hydrant during an emergency: 

  • Don’t allow plants, shrubs, trees or snow to hide a fire hydrant. A clear and unobstructed radius of one metre should be maintained around the hydrant. 
  • hydrants should be clearly visible from the roadway while approaching from either direction. 
  • When parking your car, do not park within one metre from the center of the hydrant. 

Report an issue 

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please phone the Customer Care Centre: 306-975-2476 or use the online form to report the problem.

  • Water flowing from a hydrant on either public or private property. 
  • A hydrant has been hit, is missing, or needs repairs. 
  • A hydrant is frozen and has noticeable ice build-up. 

Fire hydrant flow test 

The City performs flow tests on fire hydrants. Request a hydrant flow testing inspection by filling out a Hydrant Flow and Short Service Connections Inspection Form.