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Secondary Suites


The Secondary Suite Guide provides information on the building standard requirements for one unit dwellings with a secondary suite, and is intended to aid the homeowner, designer and builder in the design and construction of secondary suites. 

How to apply for your permit:

Find your Zoning Designation & Zoning District

Development regulations vary depending on the zoning designation of your property. Search for your property on the Development Portal map, and make note of your Zoning Designation.

Go to the Zoning Bylaw No. 8770 and enter your zoning designation in the search field (ctl+F will pull up the search field) to find your Residential Zoning District.

Navigate to the appropriate Section and Subsection of the bylaw to review all development regulations that apply to your zoning district, such as permitted uses, discretionary uses, development standards, and landscaping requirements. Use these requirements to plan your project.

Preparing your Construction Drawings and Supporting Documents

We require one complete set of construction drawings, which we will return when we issue the permit. All drawings must be drawn to scale with dimensions. A complete set of construction drawings includes:

  1. Complete the Residential Building and Development Permit application.
  2. Site plan, showing lot and building dimensions, City tree locations, curb crossings, and distances to property lines.
  3. Floor plans, showing all room dimensions, wall types, and window and door sizes.

Additional supporting documents may be required if the scope of your project includes an addition to your dwelling

Apply Online

Applying for your permit online is quick and easy. Refer to our Online Permit Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for your permit.

Apply Online

Approved Permit Package

Once your permit is approved, paid for and obtained, construction can begin. Building Standards offers next day inspections for all mandatory inspection stages identified within your permit package. Book inspections online at

Things to remember: