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Relocating Fire Station No. 5: Improving Community Response

Saskatoon Fire Department is planning to replace the existing Fire Station No. 5 on Central Avenue. The new station will be located on Preston Avenue, north of the City of Saskatoon substation at 108th Street. 

As Saskatoon grows, gaps and overlaps in emergency response service requires re-evaluating station locations. Part of good governance, rethinking station locations allows us to work towards meeting national standards for travel times. This is not the first time a fire station has been de-commissioned and moved. 

This new station will: 

  • Improve travel times 
  • Reduce station overlap 
  • Include shared cultural space for use by SFD, University of Saskatchewan, civic departments and community groups.

Station No. 5 Concept

History of Fire Station No. 5


Fire Station No. 5 was built in 1966 at 421 Central Avenue. At the time, the population of Saskatoon was approximately 115,247.


In communication with council, SFD decided to keep Fire Station No. 5 open as an interim measure until a new station could be built. 


During a Continuous Improvement analysis in 2014, the Saskatoon Fire Department examined response times for the City’s nine current fire stations. Computer generated modelling was used ot determine which station locations will best meet the demands of future City growth. The mapping revealed relocating Fire Station No. 5 nearer to the intersection of College Drive and Preston Avenue would assist the SFD in meeting its service and safety goal of a four minute travel time. 

Planning Process and Timeline

An estimate of the planning process and timeline for completion of the Fire Station No. 5 is as follows: 

  • Design Request for Proposal: December 2020
  • Construction Request for Qualifications: October-November, 2021 
  • Design Complete: December 2021
  • Request to Tender Issued to Selected Contractors: December 30, 2021
  • Project Tender Awarded: February 10, 2022
  • Construction: April 2022-June 2023  
  • Project Substantially Complete: June 2023*
  • Operations Begin: July 2023*

*These dates are best estimates and may fluctuate based on weather and other unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Approximately 10,000 square feet on two floors 
  • Two bays will house a single pumper truck and another two trucks on reserve 
  • A shared cultural space for up to 20 people 

Concept View 1
Concept View 2
Concept View 3

Project Updates
  • November 2017: Public Information Sessions held 
  • December 2020: Design services Request for Proposal
  • February 2021: Design contract awarded to aodbt architecture + interior design
  • October-November 2021: Construction Request for Qualifications 
  • December 2021: Design completed
  • December 30, 2021: Request to Tender issued to Selected Contractors 
  • January 27, 2022: Request to Tender period closed 
  • February 10, 2022: Construction contract awarded to VCM Construction Ltd.
  • April 2022: Construction in progress
  • April 21, 2022: SFD announces breaking ground on new fire station
    SFD announces breaking ground on new Fire Station No. 5
  • August 3, 2022: Structural steel structure completed; underground mechanical work and coffins continue with slab backfill following; hollow core bearing masonry continues and follows the mechanical and backfill work; brick angles installed; trench drains on-site; and electrical rough-ins have started.
    Station 5 - project update - August 3, 2022