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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

City Hall Lobby is open with a limited number of in-person services; the remainder of City Hall remains closed to the public. Learn more about the City’s response to COVID-19 and changes to programs and services.


Some of the current policies of the City of Saskatoon are available for download  in pdf format. Please click on the appropriate link in the lists below to view.

Council Policies

Council Policies are statements of City Council's position on an issue of significant interest or concern to some or all residents of the city. Council policies provide broad direction to the Administration for the delivery of civic programs. City Council Policies are approved by City Council.

Council Policies

C11-001 - 9-1-1 Monitoring Group
C09-012 - Administration of Civic Properties
C10-010 - Advertising in Recreation Facilities
C01-024 - Alterations to City Hall Building
C01-025 - Anti-Harassment and Investigative Procedures
C09-037 - Antenna Systems
C01-003 - Appointments to Civic Boards, Commissions, etc
C03-018 - Assistance to Community Groups
C01-022 - Audiotapes and Transcripts of City Council Meetings
C03-027 - Borrowing for Capital Projects
C09-017 - Buffer Strips - Provision and Construction Criteria
C09-029 - Plan Review and Building Inspection Program
C10-013 - Buildings and Structures in Riverbank Parks
C09-014 - Business Development Incentives
C03-020 - Capital Expansion Fund - Public Library
C01-029 - City Council Strategic Planning and Leadership Initiative
C01-026 - City Councillors Indemnification Policy
C01-023 - City Councillors' Travel and Training
C10-020 - Civic Heritage Policy
C01-005 - Civic Hospitality to Conventions
C01-018 - Clerical Services to Aldermen
C09-038 - Commemorations and Monuments
C01-027 - Communications and Constituency Relations Allowance
C09-004 - Condominium Approvals
C01-013 - Conferences - Attendance Criteria
C01-007 - Confidential Reports to Council
C07-031 - Corporate Asset Management
C02-040 - Corporate Governance - Risk Based Management
C02-014 - Corporate Visual Identity
C07-023 - Corridor Study Selection Process
C01-017 - Council Chambers & Committee Rooms - Use of
C10-023 - Cultural Diversity and Race Relations
C07-027 - Decorative Crosswalks Policy
C09-005 - Dedication of Public and Municipal Reserve Land
C09-007 - Dev. Appeals Board/Prov. Planning Appeals Comm.
C07-026 - Disabled Parking Zones
C10-008 - Elementary Schools - Extensions and Additions
C07-008 - Emergency Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Services
C02-036 - Environmental Policy
C03-019 - Equipment Replacement Reserve Fund - Public Library
C03-022 - Extension of Credit for Civic Goods and Services
C09-040 - Facade Conservation and Enhancement Grant
C01-028 - Flag and Proclamations
C01-009 - Flypasts and Parachute Jumps - City Approval
C09-027 - Gifts and Memorials
C01-025 - Harassment Policy. See: Anti-Harassment and Investigative Procedures
C09-036 - Health Care Facility Property Tax Abatement During Construction Policy
C07-009 - Helicopter Services
C09-009 - Industrial Land Incentives Program
C09-002 - Innovative Housing Incentives
C07-011 - Installation of Banners
C02-032 - Internal Audit Charter
C07-024 - Intersection Improvement Process Selection Process
C12-002 - Investment Committee
C07-016 - Lease of City Boulevards
C03-024 - Leasing Civic Buildings to Outside Organizations
C03-029 - Leisure Services Fees and Charges
C03-025 - Library Stabilization Reserve
C07-025 - Loading Zones
C07-012 - Median Openings
C03-016 - Mendel Art Gallery Reserve Funds
C09-039 - Mobile Food Truck
C03-036 - Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget Policy
C09-008 - Naming of Civic Property and Development Areas
C07-013 - Newspaper Vending Machines
C11-002 - Organized Event Emergency Planning
C07-010 - Parking Restrictions and Parking Prohibitions
C03-011 - Parks and Recreation Levy
C03-028 - Police Vehicle and Radio Reserve
C02-001 - Policy Development
C09-018 - Potable Waterline Connections
C12-009 - Portfolio Management
C03-014 - Program Planning and Evaluation
C10-005 - Promotion of Parks and Recreation Facilities
C09-019 - Properties (City owned) Required for Major Projects
C03-026 - Provision of Civic Services 
C01-030 - Provision of Legal Services
C10-025 - Public Art
C02-046 - Public Engagement
C01-021 - Public Notice
C02-045 - Purchasing Policy
C09-015 - Real Estate Commission - Sale of City-owned Land
C03-030 - Recreation Facilities - Rental Fees
C10-024 - Recreational Uses of Storm Water Retention Ponds
C07-015 - Reduced Speed Zones for Schools
C01-006 - Remuneration - Members of City Council
C01-010 - Requests to use "Saskatoon is Magic" panels
C03-003 - Reserves for Future Expenditures
C09-001 - Residential Lot Sales - Contractor Allocations
C09-006 - Residential Lot Sales - General Policy
C09-010 - Residential Lot Sales - Show Home Policy
C12-003 - Securities Handling
C09-033 - Sale of Serviced City-owned Lots
C10-026 - Seasonal Commercial Enterprise in Parks
C07-001 - Sidewalk Sales
C06-001 - Smoking Policy
C10-001 - Soliciting in Public Parks
C03-007 - Special Events
C01-014 - Special Occasion Licenses
C07-004 - Specialty Ornamental Street and Sidewalk Lighting
C09-028 - Sponsorship
C07-030 - Street Design
C02-010 - Tag Days
C03-015 - Tax Write-Offs, Deferrals and Exemptions
C02-011 - Taxi-cab Licenses - Allocation Criteria
C07-003 - Temporary Road Closures
C02-039 - Trademarks
C07-029 - Traffic Calming
C07-019 - Traffic Bylaw Special Permits
C07-018 - Traffic Control - at Pedestrian Crossings
C07-007 - Traffic Control - Use of Stop and Yield Signs
C07-028 - Traffic Noise Sound Attenuation
C02-037 - Transit Advertising Policy
C04-012 - Travel and Expenses - Conferences, Training, etc
C09-011 - Trees on City Property
C08-001 - Triple Bottom Line
C09-013 - Use of Sidewalks, Boulevards and Parking Stalls - Vending
C09-025 - Utility Easements on City Property
C09-035 - Vacant Lot and Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program
C07-017 - Walkway Evaluation and Closure
C07-021 - Walkway Maintenance
C03-013 - Water Supply - Capital Contribution - Outside Users
C09-041 - Wetland Policy
C 04-028 - Whistleblower Protection Policy
C03-034 - Youth Sports Subsidy Program - Allocation Criteria

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies are developed to govern the administration of the City and address matters of an operational nature. These policies are approved by the City Manager.