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Lot Grading Plans

Lots are graded according to engineered Lot Grading Plans, which identify the lot grading style and design elevations for when the lot grading is completed. It is essential to establish and maintain the design elevations along shared rear and side property lines. This ensures that lot grading is consistent with the lot grading plans, otherwise flooding may occur.

Lot Grading Plan Example

Lots developed prior to 1975 do not have lot grading plans but do have back lanes which are designed to drain to the street or storm sewer catch basins. Lots in these areas are sloped to drain to the street and/or back lane. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure their property is graded appropriately.

Use the search function below to access the lot grading plan for your area and determine the design elevations and lot grading style of your property.

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City Lot Grading Plans