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Slow to 30 in Work Zones

Construction Zone speed limit 30 kph

Slow down - it's the law!

Imagine you're at your job with cars and trucks passing only a couple of metres away at 50 km/h. It's scary to think of. That's a normal day for utility maintenance and road workers who have only a rubber pylon to protect them in some cases.

Studies show that slowing down 20 km/h - from 50 to 30 - can increase the survival rate of a road worker in a collision with a vehicle by 90%. This summer, one-day or less repair or maintenance work in Saskatoon on local streets (posted 50 km/h) will use temporary regulatory signs to reduce the speed in the work zone to 30 km/h. Scroll down to watch our video "Slow to 30".


Work zones will have two temporary signs: one indicating where the speed is reduced to 30 km/h and one indicating the end of the work where the normal posted speed resumes. When workers leave the site, the signs must be removed or covered. 

Regardless of whether a temporary speed sign is posted, drivers should slow down in a work zone.


These signs are enforceable under the Traffic Bylaw and the Saskatoon Police Service will be patrolling work zones. The fine for going 50 km/h in a posted 30 km/h zone is $190 ($150 + $2/km over speed posted). 

Respect Work Zones

Hundreds of men and women work hard every day to provide Saskatoon residents with services that matter: from drinking water and sewer services to smooth roads, clean and maintained parks and utility services. But at what cost? The City’s Respect Work Zones public awareness campaign includes testimonials from real workers talking about their close calls with drivers in City work zones.