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Dust Control

Dust control (also called dust palliation or dust suppression) treatment is applied two times per year to pre-selected gravel roads within the City limits only. It is intended to control the dust on high-traffic, high-speed gravel roads. We don't currently control dust in back lanes.

Dust can create visibility issues on the gravel road and adjacent roads. The current treatment, calcium chloride, causes the gravel and fine particles to stick together and the surface to harden into a semi-permanent state.

Beef Research Road - Dust Control

Beef Research Road is a high traffic gravel road located close to a residential neighbourhood. Dust generated from the gravel surface can impact visibility and safety on Beef Research Road, Central Avenue and Attridge Drive, and air quality for neighbouring residents. Both traditional and innovative dust suppressant materials were tested on Beef Research Road and none of the products will completely eliminate all dust, due to the high traffic volumes. 

The City of Saskatoon maintains Beef Research Road by applying gravel, blading the road and applying a liquid salt brine dust suppressant four times per year (increased in 2020). Normal contact with the treated gravel is safe; however, ingesting large amounts of the dust control product can be harmful to pets and people.