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The Greenhouse is responsible for providing and maintaining floral displays for public viewing and landscape enhancement in the Civic Conservatory, City Hall and other civic facilities, as well as major public roadways, parks and public open spaces. Please note, the Civic Conservatory is currently closed (for more information see Civic Conservatory). 

Greenhouse Fun Facts:

  • 4,000 plants maintained daily
  • 350 plant and flower species used
  • 51,000 annuals produced each year for park flower beds and the flower pot program
  • Flower pots receive over 80 gallons of water each summer

Saskatoon Flower Pot Program

The Greenhouse creates and places over 900 flower pots on street corners and boulevards to brighten our streets during the summer months. 

Annuals used in the 2021 Flower Pot Program:

Flower Pot

Centre Plants:

  • Argyranthemum - White Butterfly
  • Canna - South Pacific Rose, Cannova Orange Shades
  • Coleus – Perilla, Kong Rose, Lime Delight
  • Fountain Grass - Green, Purple, Sky Rocket
  • Gaillardia - Heat It Up Yellow
  • Panicum Switchgrass - Shenandoah
  • Salvia – Evolution Violet, Flare
  • Verbena - Meteor Shower

Mid-Height Plants:

  • Begonia - Belleconia Cream, Bossa Nova Rose, I'conia Portofino Hot Orange
  • Geranium – Maverick White, Timeless Orange
  • Sunpatiens - Orange, Compact White

Trailing Plants:

  • Artemisia - Silver Bullet
  • Bidens – Goldilocks Rocks, Beedance Painted Red
  • Lobularia - Snow Princess
  • Lotus Vine
  • Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny) - Goldilocks
  • Petunia - Ray Red
  • Supertunia series: Bordeaux, Indigo Charm, Lavender Skies, Royal Magenta, Royal Velvet, Trailing Blue, Trailing Silver, Vista Fuchsia, Vista Bubblegum, Vista Paradise, Vista Silverberry, Vista White
  • Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) – Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime
  • Verbena – Superbena Royale Plum Wine, Temari Patio Blue