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Additional Cycling Resources

Whether you’re a daily rider with a solid routine, an up-and-coming cyclist still finding their way, or a bike enthusiast who needs a little extra encouragement to get back in the saddle after some time away, below are some additional resources to help you travel our community. 

Watch a demonstration of how to cross Clarence Ave at 14th St by bike, as a pedestrian or as a driver

Take Your Bike onto a Saskatoon Transit Bus

In an effort to make commuting easier for people who ride, Saskatoon Transit has bike racks on the front of all buses, accommodating up to two bikes. You can use the bus for part of your daily bike commute or hop on after a long ride around town. Plus, the bus can save you from a long walk if you get a flat. We hate those!

Check out Saskatoon Transit's handy "How To" video on using the bus bike rack

Parking Your Bike

Parking is an important need for cyclists as bikes need to be safely parked and locked while you are working, shopping, visiting, or playing. To minimize bicycle theft use a sturdy u-lock, locking both your bicycle frame and at least one wheel to parking posts or racks.

If your bicycle seat can be easily removed with a quick release lever, we recommend visiting your local bike shop to secure your seat to your bicycle frame.
Several things make good bicycle parking - where it is located, how much space is provided for each bicycle, as well as access around the rack and bicycles. These racks can be easily used with a wide variety of locks and other devices.
The City of Saskatoon provides several different bike racks throughout the city. If you’d like to see one in front of your business or workplace please email us.

Register Your Bike Online

Recording the serial number and other identifying information on your bike could make the difference in getting it back if it is lost or stolen. Register your bike with the Saskatoon Police Service.  You'll be asked to provide the make, model, type, colour, and serial number. This information can assist police in helping recover a lost or stolen bike.