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Dog Parks

Dog Parks

Sutherland Beach Dog Park

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Animal Services was advised that a porcupine was seen in the area of Sutherland Beach Dog Park. 

Dog Parks are naturalized areas that share the space with wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, porcupines, muskrats, beavers and deer. If encountered, treat wild animals with respect and avoid approaching too closely. Please ensure that your dog is always within eyesight and under your control when enjoying the Dog Parks.

Bylaw Amendment - Animal Control Bylaw and Dangerous Animals Bylaw - Effective June 29, 2020

  • The Animal Control Bylaw and the Dangerous Animals Bylaw are reviewed regularly in an effort to promote public safety, improve upon existing enforcement mechanisms and to clarify and update certain aspects for the general public and the courts in areas where there may be ambiguity. Effective June 29, 2020, a dog found guilty of 3 or more nuisance behavior violations will be prohibited from entering the off-leash areas. 

COVID-19 Response: Dog Parks

As we recognize the importance of getting fresh air and exercise each day, dog parks remain open. Visitors must maintain a safe, two-metre (six feet) distance away from others outside of their extended household while using these spaces. 


NOTE: Silverwood Dog Park's south entrance has been moved further north to allow for more space between users. The south entrance will remain closed while the restrictions under the current Provincial Public Health Order from the Chief Medical Health Officer are in effect.


Visit for the latest information.


Hampton Dog Park Upgrades - Starting May 25, 2020

The City of Saskatoon will be working on some important upgrades to the Hampton Dog Park including:

  • Increasing the parking lot capacity
  • Installing new waste receptacles
  • Updating signage
  • Removing old fence posts from the property line and replacing with animal friendly farm fence 

The dog park will remain open during construction. Temporary parking will be available at the north end of the park.


Chief Whitecap Dog Park Upgrades - Starting June 4, 2020

Chief Whitecap Park will see some important upgrades completed in 2020. Plans for the park include trail enhancements and parking lot expansion.

The dog park will remain open during construction. A minimal reduction in parking availability is expected when the parking lot work is being completed. For more information visit


Enjoy some off-leash time with your dog at one of the City of Saskatoon's Dog Parks. Dog Parks are naturalized spaces where dogs are permitted to be off-leash while under the control of their owner. This allows both owner and dog to enjoy exercise together while socializing with others. A valid dog license is required to access any Dog Park and owners should ensure their dog has up to date vaccinations prior to visiting the Dog Park.


Park Name Park Location
Avalon South end of Broadway at Glasgow Street
Caswell Avenue F North and 31st Street West, next to Mayfair Pool
Chief Whitecap Access via Saskatchewan Crescent off of Cartwright Street
Fred Mendel Avenue W South and 17th Street West
Hampton  North on Range Road 3060
Hyde Park South end of Hyde Park, adjacent to Boychuk Drive
Paul Mostaway Richardson Road, east of McClocklin Road
Pierre Radisson Between 32nd Street and 33rd Street at Faulkner Crescent
Silverwood Access off Kinnear Avenue or the east end of Adilman Drive
Southwest Off Valley Road, near Cedar Villa Estates
Sutherland Beach West off Central Avenue, north of Attridge Drive

Please note, pets are not permitted in the following locations:

  • Playgrounds, paddling pools, spray pads and cemeteries

  • Kiwanis Park, Kinsmen Park, Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

  • The North East Swale (North of Evergreen) 

Are you Ready for the Dog Park?

Dog Parks can be a great place to get exercise and socialize. Although, not all dogs and owners are quite ready for the off-leash experience.

Before going to a Dog Park ensure your dog is well behaved around pets and people. Your dog should know and obey basic commands of come, sit and stay before visiting a Dog Park. Consider taking obedience classes or hiring a qualified dog trainer.

Please remember, no owner of a dog shall permit or allow their dog to become a nuisance to other persons or animals in an off-leash area. In the event that a dog becomes a nuisance, the owner of the dog shall immediately restrain the dog by placing the dog on a leash not exceeding two metres in length and removing the dog from the off-leash area.

Once you’re ready we look forward to seeing you at the Dog Park!


Please pick up after your pet

Please help keep the city clean and always pick up after your pet. Every time feces is left behind, you provide a reason for others to dislike dogs and their owners. To reduce the impact of irresponsible ownership, Animal Services has a 'zero tolerance policy' toward bylaw infractions including pets in prohibited areas, running-at-large and failure to clean up after pet.


Shared Spaces

Dog Parks are naturalized areas that share the space with wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, porcupines, muskrats, beavers and deer. If encountered, treat wild animals with respect and avoid approaching too closely. Please ensure that your dog is always within eyesight and under your control when enjoying the Dog Parks.

At times wildlife may need to be removed from the Dog Parks. The capture and removal of wildlife is only made possible with current information and specific location details. Please call Pest Management (Mon-Fri 7a.m. - 4p.m.) at 306-975-3300 to report a concern.

Dog Park Development

Hampton Dog Park

Upgrades to Hampton Dog Park are planned to begin as early as May 25, 2020. The plan is to keep the park open during these upgrades. Upgrades will include improvements to fencing, the parking lot, signage and waste bins. Please be aware of work crews and signage on-site. If you are looking to avoid this park during improvements, Paul Mostoway Dog Park is close by or feel encouraged to visit one of our other 10 Dog Parks.   

Brighton Dog Park

The City of Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Division has identified a District Park within the Brighton neighbourhood for the development of a new Dog Park. This development will take place as construction allows. Further updates will be provided here as they become available. 

Hyde Dog Park

Phase II developments of Hyde Park included improvements to the drainage of the swale in Hyde Dog Park and were completed in September of 2019. 

When designing dog parks drainage is considered and efforts are made to limit standing water. Parks such as Hyde Dog Park also take into consideration the naturalization of the park which has an effect on the design as well. ​

The long term solution of adding rip-rap to the swale was designed to allow water to flow unimpeded while preventing people and pets from having contact with the wet area.​ 

Chief Whitecap Dog Park

The City of Saskatoon formalized Chief Whitecap Dog Park as a part of The Animal Control Bylaw on May 27, 2019. 

Chief Whitecap Park is located south of Saskatoon at the southern most point of Saskatchewan Crescent, near Riverside Golf Club.  Chief Whitecap Dog Park is a destination for any dog walker and nature lover.

Further construction at Chief Whitecap Park is planned to begin June 4, 2020. Plans for the park that will directly impact the Dog Park include an expanded north parking lot. For this short time period during construction and prior to this north lot expansion being completed, a minimal reduction in parking availability is expected. If you are looking to avoid this park during improvements, we encourage you to visit one of the other 10 Dog Parks.  

Avalon Dog Park

Phase 2 of the Avalon Dog Park expansion project was opened to the public on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

In order for the expansion to open, the project had to first meet City standards for landscape development.  Lack of rainfall impacted the turf establishment and as a result further work was required to complete the turf development prior to opening. With the expansion area now open, users have access to an additional 2.6 acres of space at Avalon Dog Park. We appreciate the patience you showed throughout this project as crews worked to improve your overall experience at Avalon Dog Park.

Administration continues to plan for future improvements to turf at Avalon Dog Park and appreciates your patience at this time.

Dog Park Developments

The current Administrative focus is to utilize recently received citizen feedback in order to strive towards making improvements to the 11 dog parks we currently have. At the same time Animal Services continues to work towards adding additional dog parks in areas that are significantly further away from our current dog parks. Please see our dog park map to review our current dog park locations. If you wish to discuss dog park developments further, please contact Animal Services at 306-975-8478 or       


Dog Park Ambassador Program

The Dog Park Ambassador Program is a volunteer program which engages the citizens of Saskatoon to provide input on opportunities for improvement for Animal Services. This includes but is not limited to contributions to park design, fundraising activities, monitoring Dog Park conditions, clean-up, and more. The program also aims to improve Animal Control awareness both at the park and in the surrounding neighbourhood to ultimately foster responsible pet ownership and to encourage bylaw compliance.

To become a Dog Park Ambassador, please contact Animal Services at 306-975-8478 or