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Resources & Supports for Newcomer Service Providers

If you are a service provider, ethno-cultural group or settlement organization providing services to immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon, there are several useful resources and supports available to you:

  • Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPSK) - The IPSK is a Council that has been formed to support the community in providing services to immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon. There are over 70 organizations connected to the IPSK including Police, School Boards, Healthcare, Fire, Business, Housing, governments, etc. This group of community representatives comes together 4 times a year to identify priorities and direct the IPSK on the work that needs to be done.  
  • Grants - The City of Saskatoon provides a number of grant programs to assist organizations or groups to provide programs in the Saskatoon area.
  • Living in Harmony Awards - The Living in Harmony Awards recognize outstanding achievements contributing to the elimination of racial discrimination. The winners are selected by the City of Saskatoon's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and are recognized annually in March.
  • Co-Sponsorship Application - The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee provides co-sponsorships of up to $1,000 to groups in the community who are planning events or initiatives which fall under the Committee’s mandate and relate to the City of Saskatoon Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Policy. The deadline for applications is September 30 (for events to be held between January and June) and March 15 (for events to be held between July and December).