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Lift Stations

Lift stations are part of the pumping system that help keep wastewater moving through the sanitary sewer system to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sanitary Sewer

Every time you flush the toilet, take a shower or wash the dishes, you send wastewater down the drain to an underground network of pipes. These pipes, through gravity and a series of pumping stations, carry the wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant protects the people, property, and environment downstream from Saskatoon along the South Saskatchewan River. 

Waste Hauler Disposal Facilities

The City provides two Waste Hauler Disposal Stations located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and at the Landfill. Both these facilities accept waste loads that have a high percentage of grit.

Prevent Irritable Sewer Syndrome

Greasy Foods, coffee grounds, and materials like flushable wipes, paper towel, personal hygiene items, birth control methods, and hair cause blockages that are costly to repair and bad for your house’s health!