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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

On March 19, 2020, the City decided to close public access to City Hall and all City buildings, including fire stations, leisure facilities, attractions and Saskatoon Public Library locations. While we are closed to the public, our business operations continue to ensure core services for our residents as much as possible. Public transit currently remains operational.


The standard specifications and drawings for roadways and water and sewer construction are posted on this web site and are subject to revision, addition or deletion.

In the event of revisions, additions or deletions being made that affect open tenders for any roadways or water and sewer projects, contract addenda will be forwarded to all registered bidders advising them of changes to the specifications and/or drawings that may affect such tenders.

It is the responsibility of each supplier and/or contractor to identify the specifications and drawings required for the supply of materials and/or construction services.  It is also the responsibility of each supplier and/or contractor to obtain such specifications and drawings from the website for use in bidding or executing work approved or specified by the City of Saskatoon.

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 Current set of All Specifications and Drawings Feb 28 2020




Curbs and Walks 

 Full Height Curbs with Gutter
 Curb on Asphalt 
 Separate Dropped Curb Crossings
 ​810mm Concrete Barrier Curb 
 Separate Vertical Curb
 Crossing – Walk, 150mm Vertical Curb and Gutter 
 Crossing – Walk, 200mm Vertical Curb and Gutter 
 Crossing - Walk & 150mm Vertical Curb
 Crossing - Walk & 200mm Vertical Curb
 Crossing – Separate Walk & Vertical Curb and Gutter 
 Dropped Curb Crossing – Separate Walk, Vertical Curb
 Crossing – Rolled Curb, Gutter & Walk 
 Curb Return Crossing – Separate Walk, Vertical Curb 
 Directional Crossing, Walk and Vertical Curb 
 Directional Crossing, Separate Curb & Walk
 Location of Corner Directional Crossings 
 Typical Driveway Curb Detail – Isometric View
 Grade Construction for Curb and Gutter 
 Grade Construction for Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter
 Grade Construction for Walkway and Sidewalk
 Control Joints
 Dowel/Control Joint Location and Spacing
 Sidewalk Ramp Details
 Ramp Locations at a T – Intersection
 Sidewalk Ramps in High Pedestrian Areas, Texture Details
 Sidewalk Ramps – Texture Details
 Sidewalk Ramp Section, Rolled Curb
 Transition, Typical Sidewalk
 Combined Walk, Vertical Curb & Gutter
 Walk, Rolled Curb & Gutter
 Separate Walk
 Concrete Walkway
 Combined Walk & Vertical Curb 
 Asphalt Pathway 
 Precast Concrete Curb 
 Reversed Curb and Gutter Detail 
 Reversed Curb and Gutter Detail 
 Concrete Placement Rate of Moisture Loss Chart 
 Separate Sidewalk Irrigation Sleeve 
 Separate Sidewalk Bus Stop Detail 
 Perpendicular Separate Sidewalk Ramp Details 
 Rolled Curb & Sidewalk 1978 Style
 Gutter Patch Paving
 3.0m Multi-Use Pathway Ramp Configurations
 2500 Separate Walkway Concrete
 3000 Multi-Use Pathway Asphalt
 Roadway Sideslope Ramp Pedestrian Access Wheelchair Accessible
 Traffic Calming at a T-intersection School / Commercial Crossing
 Traffic Calming on Curve Center Median Islands
 Traffic Calming at a Mid-Block Crossing Walkway to Walkway
 Traffic Calming at a Highly Used Intersection by Pedestrians
 Traffic Calming at a Neighbourhood Entrance Center Median Island
 ​150mm Vertical Curb & Gutter with Paver Lip
 Concrete Swale
 Cut-Through Median Detail, Pedestrian/Cyclist Crossing
 Walk, Reversed Rolled Curb & Gutter
 Transition to 250mm Vertical Curb Approved for Use at Transit Stops


 Manhole Safety Platform  
 Standard 1050mm Manhole for 200mm to 525mm Sanitary Sewers For Rehabilitation Work Only 
 Standard 1200mm Manhole for 200mm to 600mm Sanitary Sewers With Drop Structures 
 Standard 1200mm Manhole for 675mm to 900mm Sewers 
 Drop Structure Manhole for Connection to Trunk Storm Sewers 
 Standard 1200mm Manhole for 200mm to 600mm Sewers
 Circular PVC Pipe Beddings 
 Circular Concrete Pipe Beddings
 Concrete Manhole Collars 
 Manhole Lifter Ring Details 
 Rubber Manhole Adjustment Riser 
 Manhole Rehabilitation Where Thickness of Concrete Below Invert Exceeds 125mm 
 Manhole Rehabilitation Where Thickness of Concrete Below Invert Does Not Exceed 125mm 
 Sewer Force Main Inspection Manhole 
 Standard Lockable COS Manhole Frame & Cover For Public Properties 
 Lock Wing & Spacers For Standard COS Manhole Covers 
 Standard Lockable COS Manhole Frame & Cover for Private Properties 
 ​TF-48 Beehive Grate
 ​TF-48 Beehive Frame
 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Drop Structure Between High Line and Low Line
 ​TF-101 Beehive Frame
 ​TF-101 Beehive Grate
 Standard Manhole Types for Large Sewers - Notes and Schedules
 Standard Manhole Types for Large Sewers - Sections and Details
 Standard Manhole Types for Large Sewers - Cast-In-Place Details
 Standard Storm Sewer Subdrain Detail - Crown Depth up to 2.3m
 Standard Storm Sewer Subdrain Detail - Crown Deeper than 2.3m
 Standard Low Profile Manhole Frame for Rehabilitation Work Only  


Geometrics/ Channelization

  ​Channelized Intersection Design Standards
  Freeway/Expressway Urban Cross Section
  Freeway/Expressway Rural Cross Section Without Drainage Layer
  Arterial Class 'A'
  Arterial Class 'B'
  Arterial Class 'C'
  Industrial Roadway
  Collector Class 'A'
  Collector Class 'B'
  Collector Class 'C'
  Local Class 'A'
  Local Class 'B' Length of 500m or Less
  Bikeways Class A, B, C
  Bus Bay Turnout
  Local Class 'C' Cul-De-Sac
  Roundabout Functional Design Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Detailed Design Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Sight Lines Design Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Operating Speeds Design Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Functional Design Collector Class 'A'/Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Detailed Design Collector Class 'A'/Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Sight Lines Design Collector Class 'A'/Local Class 'A'
  Roundabout Operating Speeds Design Collector Class 'A'/ Local Class 'A'
  Standard Neighbourhood Entrances 
  Design Vehicles for Arterials, Expressways Freeways & Highway Geometric Design
  Design Vehicle for Collectors and Roundabouts
  Class B Arterial Staging Options
  Cul-De-Sac Parameters - Residential, Commercial and Industrial Roadways
  Alternative Median Barrier Treatment Semi Urban Cross Section With Drainage Layer
  Freeway/Expressway Rural Cross Section With Drainage Layer
  Typical Road and Back Lane Subdrainage Details
  Indicative Cross-Section Lane
  Indicative Cross-Section Local
  Indicative Cross-Section Collector
  Indicative Cross-Section Arterial
  Indicative Cross-Section Freeway/Expressway