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Permit Forms & Applications

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Find a complete listing of required submission forms, permit applications, and information documents for your next project. Use the search tool to refine your search and find relevant materials for your specific project.  

Title Description
Application for Residential Buildings

Application form for residential construction on group-dwelling sites.  

Application for a Demolition Permit

Submission form for demolitions, removal, or relocation of buildings or underground tanks.

Application for a Property Information Disclosure Report

Application for a Property Information Disclosure (PID) report.

Application for an Address Change

Request for address change by a property owner.

Application for an Alternative Family Care Home

Submission form for alternative family care homes.

Application for an Encroachment Agreement

Application form for an encroachment of a building over city property. 

Asbestos Removal Notification Form

Required to be submitted for all buildings constructed before 1990. The Asbestos Removal Notification Form indicates if any asbestos will be disturbed or removed during work.

Assurance of Field Review (Building Permit)

Required after application stage (when commitment letter was initially required), prior to building permit closure and occupancy. 

Balcony Enclosure Guidelines

Requirements for balcony enclosures.

Basement Development Project Guide

Applies to basement development construction in one-unit, two-unit, and multi-unit family dwellings.