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Fire & Emergency

Emergency Services

The Fire Department offers fire suppression services and more. We also provide fire safety inspections, emergency preparedness training, and community outreach.


Unusual, or large, emergencies caused by extreme weather or man-made events can happen at any time. Now, when an impending or escalating emergency happens, whether it be city-wide or area specific, Saskatoon is ready to respond. 

Emergency Preparedness

Should an emergency situation arise in our city, be it severe weather, a dangerous goods spill, a pandemic, or an airline crash, a range of agencies must pull together to provide a coordinated response.

Inspections & Investigations

The Saskatoon Fire Department provides fire prevention inspections and post-fire investigations. Find out more about what to do to prevent fires, and what to do in the aftermath of a fire.

Community Outreach

We offer many annual special events, public education services, emergency preparedness training and community programs. Find out more!

Becoming a Member of SFD

Employment with Saskatoon Fire Department offers a challenging and rewarding career to candidates who successfully complete the stringent recruitment process.