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 What you  can expect from us

  1. A new Customer Relationship Management system (called CRM) will be the technology centerpiece of the new Service Saskatoon model and will help us manage citizen requests and inquiries more effectively.
  2. For citizens, the service experience doesn't always end after they send an email or hang up the phone. They want to know about the progress we're making on a service request and when it has been resolved. Our work to develop the CRM will support this interaction into the future.
  3. We will streamline the information and systems our Customer Service Representatives use to serve citizens.
  4. We will work towards serving citizens as "One City" whether it's online, in person or over the phone.

 How you can help us

  1. Make the time to try out our online services as we develop new ones, and let us know how you like them, and how we could improve them.

Current Initiatives

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

  • We've learned that success is achieved through tackling a CRM in manageable pieces – so we started with 5 Public Works Services. Water outages, Hydrant issues, Water Connections, Water & Sewer Locates, and Sewer Backups.

  • Citizens who submit issues on these 5 services will receive a tracking number. During the pilot citizens will be limited to following up on service status updates by phoning Public Works Customer Service Centre. In the future, we will have a corporate enterprise CRM solution that will be available to all Divisions.

  • In the short-term, we are re-purposing an existing software solution – similar to the “Report a Pothole” application. The temporary CRM is only available to Transportation & Utilities customer service staff to start.

  • We want to thank the Transportation & Utilities customer service team. Let’s face it – being first can be a little stressful but we are all in this together and that is why it is a pilot. These 5 services provide an opportunity to get started but also to learn what works and what can be better.

  • Support is key and our IT staff will provide support for the customer service team and the application.

  • We are evaluating and collecting feedback from the customer service team to determine next steps, including the need for any additional resources as we add new services into the CRM.

  • In the long-term we will have a corporate-wide enterprise based CRM and not just a temporary solution. Our knowledge base will be centralized and it will contain complete and consistent information, and frequently asked questions for all types of inquiries. Citizens will also be able to track progress online once we move to a permanent CRM solution.

Watch a demo video of the temporary CRM


New Online Forms For Submitting Water & Sewer Service Requests

  • As part of the CRM initiative we have created new online forms for citizens to submit a number of water & sewer service requests.

Visit the 5 water & sewer service request forms

Watch a demo video of the new forms


Report a Traffic Issue Interactive Map

  • This new service tool provides citizens with the opportunity to report a traffic issue or concern associated with road users, road signage/signals and safety on any Saskatoon street.

    • It is similar to the Report a Pothole map allowing citizens to find the correct location, place a dot on the map and follow prompts to provide more information.

    • The new service tool was launched on February 25, 2016.

Visit the Traffic Issue Interactive Map


Electronic Meeting Document Technology

  • The City Clerk's Office launched a new electronic meeting software that has improved the way information going to City Council and Committee meetings is provided to the citizens of Saskatoon by further automating and streamlining the City's existing processes.

Check out the new software


Complimentary Public WiFi in Civic Facilities

  • In 2015, a Request for an Expression of Interest and a Request for Proposal were issued for providing free public WiFi service in City of Saskatoon customer-serving facilities.

  • Shaw Communications was awarded the agreement and are providing complimentary WiFi at no cost to the City in transit terminals, recreation and sport facilities, and City Hall.

  • This complimentary WiFi project is helping us leverage technology and emerging trends to reach our goal to provide great citizen experiences by providing access to the internet.

  • Watch our  video on complimentary WiFi

Learn more about complimentary WiFi


New Online Poll Finder

  • A new poll finder was developed on the website for the Ward 9 Public School Board by-election.
  • Citizens could use this search to find out if they live in Ward 9 - if they do it returned nearest poll information.
  • This poll finder was them redesigned as the “Where Do I Vote” app and will be used for all future elections and is use for the 2016 civic elections.

New Online Ward Finder 

  • A ward finder was developed on the website so citizens can enter their address and find out what Ward they live in.  
  • This was in use for the 2016 civic election.

Open Data

  • Like many Canadian municipalities, Saskatoon is becoming involved in the open data movement and are actively engaged with interested parties in providing information and data files using a web-based open data catalogue.
  • Interested parties can browse the catalogue and download information and data files in a way that allows them to easily view the information or develop a mobile application using the information and data files provided.
  • In 2016 the City of Saskatoon is working to introduce new data sets into the open data catalogue, including real time bus data from Saskatoon Transit.

Visit the open data beta site

Open Data Community Engagement

If you're new to the idea of open data, it's not just for app developers and data scientists. Open data can benefit everyone in the community. After offering some data online since 2013, the City is now preparing to move into a second, expanded phase of the program.

Open data programs are about offering public data in a way that is accessible and usable for citizens, businesses and community organizations. When you add open data to the creative talent in our community, the potential for innovation is very exciting!

Our community engagement project will provide insight into what the community’s priorities are for engaging with government using this program. We anticipate that the needs of our primary audience will be diverse and that a one-size-fits-all approach (particularly an overly technical focus) will not yield the desired results in terms of the return on investment.

Take our Open Data Survey Now


2015 Accomplishments

Waste Stream Management Phone line integrated into Customer Service Centre

  • The Waste Stream Management phone line was integrated into the Customer Service Centre (CSC) at Public Works.  This means that staff are now able to respond 24/7 to all garbage collection, compost depots, leaves and grass, landfill and recycling programs.  Based on initial tracking statistics, the CSC estimates the annual volume of Waste Stream Management contacts may exceed 16,000 service and information requests. 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

  • Transition began from manual meter reading of utility meters to the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The AMI system will remotely measure and record actual power usage and water usage by time intervals throughout the day, and transmit that data wirelessly over a secure network to a central data management system.  AMI will benefit citizens by eliminating estimates for utility bills and will alert citizens to irregular usage.  

eBill Improvements

  • eBill sign-ups may now be done before citizens receive their first bill for utility services.  By eliminating the wait time to sign-up for eBill, citizens have direct online access to their utility account information immediately after completing their application for services.  This initiative has resulted in an increase in eBill applications and citizen satisfaction.

Online booking for Building Inspections

  • Online booking for Building Inspections has been available since 2014.    New for 2015, booking confirmation numbers were provided to citizens, instilling greater confidence in the online booking service.  In 2015, 17% of the eligible building inspections were booked online.

Green Cart Service Calendar Online

  • New for 2015, the Green Cart Service calendar was made available online.  This new option provides digital access in addition to the paper copy of the schedule that is provided to citizens. As well, citizens may access information and service through the Public Works Customer Service Centre 24/7 by phone and online.

Water & Sewer Service Alerts

  • Service alerts for Water & Sewer outages are now available on the City Website. These updates provide timely and important information to citizens and City Council.

Automated Transit Announcements

  • To enhance service for Transit passengers, ‘automated announcements’ have been added to buses.  The new visual and audio service advises Transit riders of upcoming stops. In future, this system could be used to announce upcoming attraction sites in Saskatoon.