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Homebuilding, Renovations & Improvements

The Building Standards team is committed to helping homeowners, professional consultants and contractors navigate the City’s construction standards and permits to help keep their projects on track and up to code.

We have recently updated our webpages

Looking for information regarding building and development permits for your next residential project? Look no further! The Homebuilding, Renovations & Improvements page is your starting point for finding all the resources you need for your next project. Some of the new webpages include:

Getting Started provides an overview of residential building and development permits including; when you need to obtain a building and development permit, permit fees and permit turnaround times.

Project Guides provide step-by-step instructions for a variety of common residential projects that require building and development permits. 

Permit Forms & Applications provides convenient access to a variety of required submission forms, permit applications and information documents for your residential project.

Looking for information regarding Commercial Building and Development? Visit our Building, Development & Construction page.  

Getting Started

Building or renovating? Find out what information you need and what to expect when applying for a building and development permit.

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Project Guides

Project Guides provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the permit application process from start to finish. Check out our latest project guides for garages, decks, infill projects and more!

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The City of Saskatoon is divided into zoning districts which determine how land may be developed. Use an interactive map to determine what zone applies to your property.

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Permit Forms & Applications

Find a complete listing of required submission forms, permit applications, and information documents for your next project. 

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Book your building inspection and view your inspection reports online.

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Building & Property Information

Obtain building permit history or apply for a Property Information Disclosure. Review details on active building permits, violations, work orders and the zoning designation that may apply to a property.

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