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Citizen Input


 What you  can expect from us

  1. We will work to create more opportunities for citizens to shape the design of our services.
  2. The way we deliver service will also be shaped by the needs of citizens.
  3. Growing cities like Saskatoon need to adapt to meet the changing needs and expectations of citizens.

 How you can help us

  1. Whether it’s about the design or delivery of services, we're eager to hear from citizens who want to share their ideas with us.
  2. Citizen feedback is key to accomplishing our goal of continuous improvement - sign up and join our Citizen Advisory Panel to shape the design and delivery of City services into the future.

Current Initiatives

Last updated: Summer 2018

New Engagement Section Added to

  • In the second half of 2017, the website team developed a new section on the website to help support community engagement for a wide variety of planning initiatives.
  • Check out the new engagement section on the website.

Citizen Advisory Panel

  • The Citizen Advisory Panel has over 1,500 citizens who have signed up to provide input on future planning. 

  • Participants on the panel are regularly asked for input on ways to improve our services.

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

  • In Fall of 2015, we began sending out citizen satisfaction surveys to people who used our Online Services.
  • The feedback collected from citizens is being used for continuous improvement of the services and information that we provide to citizens.

Annual Civic Services Survey

  • The City of Saskatoon has conducted the Civic Services Survey annually since the early 1990's. The key objectives of the survey are to:

    • gain insight into perceptions of the quality of life in Saskatoon

    • gain insight into perceptions of importance and satisfaction relating to the services provided by
      the City of Saskatoon

    • track perceptions and satisfaction with the above areas

  • Check out the  Summary report from the 2017 Civic Services Survey 

Citizen Budget

  • Offered for the third consecutive year, the Citizen Budget was available from May 29 to June 25, 2017. With nearly 1600 unique visitors, 554 citizens submitted a response. Citizens were asked about service level preferences for a number of key services the City provides and preferred priorities for the City’s future investment plans.

View the results of the 2017 Citizen Budget

Website User-Testing

  • We continue to conduct user testing when we add new features to the website.
  • We have also been user-testing with residents who have disabilities to improve the accessibility of content on the website.