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City of Saskatoon Asbestos Management Program

The City is committed to protecting worker health and safety. The Corporate Asbestos Program is in line with the City’s strategic goals of Continuous Improvement and Quality of Life.

Recent initiatives include the creation of the Asbestos Awareness page for increased asbestos awareness for the organization and the public.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is regulated by several federal and provincial laws. Current federal controls focus on mining, high-risk consumer products and federal workplace exposure. In Saskatchewan, asbestos in the workplace is regulated by the Ministry of Labour Relations and WorkPlace Safety, Occupational Health & Safety Division.

For more information regarding asbestos, refer to the City’s Asbestos Awareness Page.

Asbestos and City Buildings

Within the City of Saskatoon, there are a number of older Civic buildings that contain Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). Refer to the City Asbestos Registry for more information.

City of Saskatoon Asbestos Management Program - Program Outline

The City's Asbestos Program, led by the City’s Indoor Air Quality Manager, includes the following initiatives:

  • Asbestos building assessments
  • Corporate procedures
  • Program administration
  • Communications
  • Air quality assessments
  • Corporate standards
  • Asbestos Consultant and Contractor Standards
  • Asbestos Awareness

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