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Pedestrian Safety

In communities across the world, there is a growing need and responsibility to provide options that give people the opportunity to walk to more places, and to feel safe while doing so. 

Safe Street Crossing

Pedestrian crosswalks help people cross roads safely. Different kinds of crosswalks serve different streets in Saskatoon, depending on traffic flow and needs of pedestrians.


Sidewalk preservation treatments are completed on a priority basis. Sidewalks along the roadway preservation program are currently our top priority for the sidewalk preservation program in order to rejuvenate streets as a whole.

Winter Walking & Snow Clearing

All citizens need to work together to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice during winter months. Find more information about bylaws relating to snow clearance.


Well-maintained walkways add to the "walkability" of a city. The City of Saskatoon works hard to limit walkway closures. Learn more about walkway maintenance and how to make a maintenance request.

Walking Tips

Walking is a great activity for the mind and body.