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Active Transportation Advisory Group

The Active Transportation Advisory Group (ATAG) provides advice and feedback to the Transportation Department on active transportation policies, programs, education and awareness initiatives. The ATAG represents the perspectives of active transportation users, residents, partners and stakeholders in Saskatoon and is made up of organizational representatives, community representatives and City of Saskatoon representatives.

The next meeting of the ATAG is June 23, 2022.

Recruiting now for 2022/2023 Community Representatives!

Are you passionate about active transportation in Saskatoon? We encourage you to consider applying to be a part of ATAG and help us plan bike and pedestrian initiatives and infrastructure in the city! 

To apply, refer to the Application Information package and the draft Terms of Reference for the group.

The time commitment for the Community Representatives is 5 x two-hour meetings/year plus preparation and follow up activities. Remuneration of $100/meeting is provided for members not attending as part of their job.  

Members may be reimbursed for childcare expenses, parking, or bus ticket expenses for scheduled ATAG meetings. Hearing and visual assistance services are also available by request.

Your application will require:

  • Your contact information;
  • Why you are interested in being part of the Active Transportation Advisory Group; and
  • The skills, experiences and unique perspectives you would bring to the group.

Deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday, May 29, 2022. 


The ATAG is comprised of appointed representatives of stakeholder groups that represent multiple perspectives and/or user groups:


  • Public Health/Physical Activity Promotion - Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) 

  • Road Safety - Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) 

  • Meewasin Valley Authority  

  • Tourism Saskatoon 


  • Commuter/Recreational Walking  

  • Commuter/Recreational Cycling  

  • Public Transit users 

  • People of all ages (including at least 1 senior and 1 youth)

  • People of all abilities (including at least 1 person experiencing disability or a person who is a caregiver or advocate for people experiencing disability) 

  • Business community

  • Post-secondary institutions  

  • Elementary or High School   

  • 2 additional residents    

City of Saskatoon 

  • 1 City Councillor 

  • Active Transportation Program Manager 

  • Public Engagement Consultant 

  • Other representatives of the City’s Administration, as needed