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Triple Bottom Line

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What does Triple Bottom Line mean?​

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is an approach to sustainability that integrates environmental health and integrity, social equity and cultural well-being, economic prosperity and fiscal responsibility, and good governance into decision making; producing equitable solutions and avoiding undesirable trade-offs.  ​

Who is responsible for it?​

Sustainability is a responsibility of the entire organization - each department and employee has a role to play in ensuring sustainable outcomes are achieved, thus the C08-001 Triple Bottom Line Policy came into effect on January 1, 2020.  To help align work with the City's strategic goals and corporate values, the TBL Decision-Making Tools were created - these tools enable the user to apply a sustainability lens to their initiative, project, or program. ​Please contact if your organization is interested in using the TBL Decision-Making Tool. 

What are the Benefits?​

Many organizations and businesses have adopted Triple Bottom Line approaches to guide their decision-making processes, accounting measures, and operations. Benefits for adopting the approach include:​

  • Improved quality of work by focusing on more than the financial bottom line​

  • Meeting multiple objectives resulting in better outcomes​

  • Holistic decision making​

  • Collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches​

  • Innovative and creative outcomes​

  • Identifying the true costs and benefits of doing business​

  • Improved customer service and stakeholder satisfaction​

  • Integrating sustainability into how work is planned and delivered​