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Transportation Master Plan

Saskatoon Transportation Master Plan

The City’s population is expected to double to half a million people over the next thirty to forty years. With this growth in mind, the Transportation Master Plan was designed to create a plan for the City to continue to grow while still maintaining a city that is vibrant and attractive to future generations. The master plan was approved in principle by City Council on March 22, 2021 and is comprised of three parts:

Part I: Our City

Introduction and outline of how the Transportation Master Plan unites all existing transportation policies and plans from Bylaw 9700, The Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2020, the Strategic Plan 2018–2021, and Growth Plan to Half a Million. The purpose of the master plan is to guide the implementation of a transportation infrastructure plan, annual budgeting, program development, long range financial planning, area and corridor transportation studies, and design and practice guidelines. 

Part II: Transportation Policies and Practices

Part II components each present a high-level discussion of the City’s current practices, outlines future initiatives, and includes the necessary policies to ensure the City can support its future strategies and objectives:

  • Operating Procedures and Programs
  • Quality of Service
  • Transportation Network
  • Goods Movement
  • Public Transportation

Part III: Strategy

A list of Prioritized Transportation Infrastructure Projects by priority is included, based on seven criteria from the Strategic Plan 2018–2021, as well as current and future monitoring and reporting practices. Criteria used:

  1. Improves Equity
  2. Improves Accessibility
  3. Improves Safety
  4. Optimizes Traffic Flow
  5. Addresses Network Gaps
  6. Optimizes Parking
  7. Facilitates Infill Development