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Cart Care

Proper cart placement is the key to successful collection. Proper cart placement is the key to successful collection. Proper cart care and placement are the key to successful collections. 

 Swipe through the gallery below to find the illustration that matches your collection scenario.

Cart Placement Guidelines
overfilled carts
  • Cart lids must be COMPLETELY closed to prevent windblown litter. Waste outside of your cart will not be collected.
  • Set out your cart by 7 a.m. on your collection day (actual collection times may vary each day).
  • Place your cart so there is at least 1.2 metres (4 feet) of space on all sides between your cart and all obstacles to give adequate space for the collection truck arms.
  • Return your cart to your property (and off of roadways, sidewalks, back lanes and other municipal property) by 7 p.m. on collection day to prevent fines, theft, or damage to your cart.
  • Front Street:
    • Place your cart on the street with wheels facing the curb.
    • Carts should not be placed on the sidewalk or blocking your neighbour's driveway.
  • Back Lane: 
    • Place your cart on the edge of the lane with wheels facing the fence. Please watch for low overhead utility lines. Do not block the lane.
    • Back lane placement applies to Blue and Black Carts only. Green Carts are front street collection only. 
  • Cul-de-sac
    • Arrange your carts in the centre, facing in the same direction as your neighbours’ carts and with at least four feet between them to give adequate space for collection truck arms.

Help Your Neighbours  Whether they're out of town or physically unable to move their cart, offer to roll out their carts on collection days. And don't be afraid to ask for help yourself.

Winter Collections

Front Street

Place your cart on the street with wheels facing the curb or snowdrift and at least four feet on both sides to give adequate space for collection truck arms. Do not place carts on top of snowdrifts or windrows as the collection trucks won't be able to access them.

snowbank 1


The City's snow clearing efforts can sometimes present obstacles for effective waste collections. Each cul-de-sac and snow pile placement is unique, so residents are asked to decide which option best suits their scenario. Please place carts all in one area, either in front of or beside the snow pile, facing in the same direction.

winter cul-de-sac

Cart Storage

cart storage front

cart storage cul-de-sac

cart storage boulevard

cart storage backlane

Cart Labelling & Identification

The City encourages residents to label their garbage (black), recycling (blue), and organics (green) carts with their home address number in order to identify them after severe storms, construction, or theft.

cart labelling 1

  • Markers or Paint Pens: Paint pens, waxed markers, or tire markers that are white (or high contrast) will all do the trick. No liquid or spray paint. Use a stencil or freehand and ensure the numbers are 6–8" high to optimize readability. 
  • Stickers: Make sure they have vinyl or waterproof coating and will stick to textured plastic.
  • Fabric or Plastic Ties: Write your address on it and secure it tightly to your cart handle to ensure it doesn't come loose in the wind.

cart labelling

Home numbers are to be displayed on the designed white area on the front of new carts. If your cart does not have this area, use the flat portion on the front of your cart or the bottom portion of the side of your cart; excluding the lid or back. Please refrain from obstructing cart logos, serial numbers, warning labels, or other cart information as it must be visible to collection staff at all times. Only use the approved labelling methods and do not physically alter the cart (e.g. branding, melting, scraping).

Verify your cart: Provide the serial number (on front of cart) or your home address to:

Waste Bylaw #8310 prohibits tampering with the carts and their contents wherever they may be found.

Frequently Asked Questions

My cart wasn't emptied on my collection day. What should I do?

Extreme weather, mechanical failures, and lane conditions may disrupt collection. Please remember to watch for service alerts that may affect collection on your route. If there was no service alert issued and your cart was still not collected, please call:

What if I put my cart(s) in the wrong place?

If your cart is located in the wrong place, it may not be emptied on schedule. Refer to the illustrations and examples on this page to ensure that your carts are properly placed for collection.

What if I’m going to be away when my cart is collected?

If you know you’re going to be away when your cart is scheduled for collection, ask a neighbour or someone else to roll it out for pick-up and return it to your yard or garage by 7 p.m. to prevent fines and theft. Excess recycling can be taken to a City Recycling Depot or Loraas Recycle at no additional cost.

What should I do if someone has dumped or gone through my cart(s)?

Your carts have been assigned to your household and are your responsibility. Damaging or tampering with carts, and adding or removing materials other than your own, is an offense under the Waste Bylaw #8310 and may result in fines.

  1. Scavenging can be reported by calling the 24/7 Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2486
  2. If you witness scavenging try to get photos and/or video that will provide valuable information.  Please only do this if it is safe to do so.
  3. Write down as much information as you can including:
    • Licence plate number and description of the vehicle
    • Description of the people involved
    • Time, date and location of the incident

My normal regular pick up falls on a statutory holiday. Do I still put out my cart?

Refer to your Collection Calendar for your scheduled days, including holidays.

Report a missed garbage collection

Request a new cart