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Environmental Dashboard

The Environmental Dashboard provides information relating to key categories of the environment: Land, Air, Water, Energy, and Waste. Explore the performance indicators for each category by clicking the 'View Details' boxes below.

The indicators included within each category build on Our Environment: The City of Saskatoon’s 2014 Environmental Leadership Report - a report completed in 2014 which established a baseline of information about the health of our environment, and highlighted local actions with respect to each of the indicators. The Environmental Dashboard tracks many of the indicators included in the 2014 report, and is updated periodically to reflect the City of Saskatoon (local government) and community initiatives that are helping to maintain and improve the overall environmental health of our city.

Energy and Climate

Energy and Climate indicators include: Air Quality, City of Saskatoon Alternative Energy Initiatives, City of Saskatoon GHG Emissions, Community GHG Emissions, Community Solar Power Generation, LEED-Certified Buildings, Climate Adaptation, Energy Poverty/Utility Affordability

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Land indicators include: New Development Investment, Green Network, Urban Food Production, Park Space, Population Density, Urban Forest

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Water indicators include: Water Quality, Water Use, Peak Demand for Water, City of Saskatoon Water Use

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Transportation indicators include: Transportation Choices, City of Saskatoon Vehicle Fuel Use, Electric Vehicles

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Waste indicators include: Landfill Airspace, Waste Diversion, Curbside Waste Composition, Curbside Waste Generation

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