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Licensed Water & Sewer Contractors

Almost every building in Saskatoon is serviced by water and sewer services which consists of mains and connections.  Whether you are building a new house and need to connect to the system, are upgrading your connection, or demolishing a property, you will require the services of a licensed water and sewer contractor.

Licensed Water & Sewer Contractor Map

Approved Licensed Water & Sewer Contractor can access our interactive map.

Licensed Water & Sewer Contractors

ABS Excavating Ltd.

132 – 103 Marquis Court

Saskatoon, SK    S7P 0C4

Phone: 306-249-2355      



Acadia Construction Ltd.

334 - 105th Street E

Saskatoon, SK     S7N 1Z3

Phone:  306-374-4738




Allan Construction Co. Ltd.

317 - 103rd Street East

Saskatoon, SK     S7N 1Y9

Phone:  306-477-5520



Blitz Excavating

50 Maple Drive

Neuanlage, SK     S0K 1X1

Phone:  306- 221-0990    



Brunner’s Construction Ltd.

2614 Wentz Avenue

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 2L1

Phone:  306-934-2021      


Cannex Contracting 2000 Inc.
 205, 4100 – 6A St NE
 Calgary, AB     T2E 4B1
 Phone: 403-531-9110


Culebra Sewer & Water Works Corporation

Unit 8A 1540 Alberta Ave

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 7C9

Phone: 306-242-7686     



D C Trenching Ltd.

P.O. Box 2058

Warman, SK     S0K 4S0

Phone:  306-270-6953    Shop: 306-933-4244



Don Wehage Trucking Ltd.

349 – 103rd St E

Saskatoon, SK     S7N 1Y9

Phone: 306-373-8880      


Garnett Industries Ltd.

P.O. Box 25096

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 8B7

Phone: 306-244-3998     



 Five Star Excavation Ltd.
 Box 309
 Dalmeny, SK    S0K1E0
 Phone: 306-491-9488


Geransky Bros. Construction Ltd.

P.O. Box 238

Martensville, SK     S0K 2T0

Phone:  306-931-2211   



Globe Excavating (2008)

206 - 105th Street E

Saskatoon, SK     S7N 1Z3

Phone:  306-374-7212  



 Hamilton Construction Corp
 303 Emerald Court
 Saskatoon, SK    S7J 4A5
 Phone: 306-229-1889


Hamm Construction Ltd.

126 English Crescent

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 8A5

Phone:  306-931-6626    



Larson Holdings Ltd.

P.O. Box 1047

Martensville, SK     S0K 2T0

Phone: 306-262-3355


M & L Backhoe Services (2006) Ltd.

P.O. Box 26, Site 515 RR #5

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 3J8

Phone: 306-955-5224      



MacEwen Constructors Inc.

7 Capital Circle

Corman Park, SK     S7R 0H4

Phone: 306-933-3043      



Mi-Sask Industries Ltd.

703 - 50th Street E

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 6L2

Phone: 306-934-3113      



Michels Corporation

P.O. Box 128, 817 West Main St

Brownsville, WI     53006

Phone: 920-583-1479 


M.T.E. KOS Excavating Ltd.

Box 2359

Warman, SK     S0K 2L0

Phone: 306-260-0929     



Peters Excavating

818 -47th Street E

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 0X4

Phone: 306-652-6988      


Rite Choice Construction Ltd.

#104 - 502 Cope Way

Saskatoon, SK    S7T 0G3

Phone: 306-986-0249      



Riverpoint Developments Ltd.

526 Baltzan Bay

Saskatoon, SK S7W 0S1

Phone: 306-717-8327



S & A Excavation Ltd.

P.O. Box 82

Warman, SK     S0K 4S0

Phone: 306-239-2230      



SCS Contracting Ltd.

2 - 859 60th St E

Saskatoon, SK   S7K 5Z7

Phone:  306-229-5387     



Suer & Pollen Mechanical Partnership

827 - 57th St E

Saskatoon, SK     S7K 5Z2

Phone: 306-975-3779    


Valley Trenching Ltd.

P.O. Box 149

Hague, SK     S0K 1X0

Phone:  306-229-5991  



Vantage Developments Corp.

414 Ave M S

Saskatoon, SK       S7M 2K7

Phone: 306-952-3398     



Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc.

14 Capital Circle

Corman Park, SK     S7R 0H4

Phone: 306-244-6396