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HELP Contractor Resources

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This page is for contractors looking to learn more about the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) and register for the pre-vetted contractor list. 

Pre-vetted Contractor List

The pre-vetted contractor list is an optional list for homeowners to choose a contractor from when they are participating in HELP and is advertised to residents on the program webpage.   

Follow these steps to register for the pre-vetted contractor list:  

  1. Review the contractor list requirements and ensure you meet them. 
  2. Watch the HELP webinar. 
  3. Gather your digital documentation.  
  4. Complete the online registration form. Registration is required annually to keep our list relevant. 

HELP Webinar for Contractors & Registration Form

To be eligible for the contractor list, you are required to watch this recorded webinar explaining the program details.   

HELP is a low interest loan designed to help homeowners make energy efficient retrofits and upgrades. HELP works alongside contractors and provides HELP applicants with a pre-vetted contractor list. To be eligible for the contractor list, you are required to watch this recorded webinar explaining the program details. 

Once you have reviewed the eligibility requirements and the webinar, you can register for the list online here: Contractor List Registration Form

Digital Documentation Required 

To register for the pre-vetted contractor list, you will need to attach digital documentation of the following. 
Please have the following items available in either a pdf, jpeg, word document or presentation format when you register online.  

  • Proof of registered corporation in Saskatchewan  
  • Proof of Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board Compliance  
  • Proof of general liability insurance of at least $2M  
  • Proof of registration with a third-party warranty organization   
  • Proof of safety training   
  • GST Registration Number  

Note: A valid business license for Saskatoon is required to provide services in Saskatoon, regardless of where a business is located. Business licenses can be renewed or applied for online here.  

Promotion Materials

The City has prepared materials to promote the program to residents and inform them of the application process. You may use these materials to inform clients of the program: