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Shelter in Place

Shelter in PlaceDuring an emergency, you may be directed to stay indoors instead of evacuating to a different location. This is called “shelter-in-place," which means to stay inside at your current location. 

How to shelter in place: 

  • Go indoors immediately and stay there, ideally in an interior room. 
  • Close all doors and windows. Turn off furnaces, air conditioners and exhaust systems. 
  • Tune to your local radio or TV station for information. 
  • If directed to do so, cover doors, windows and vents with plastic sheeting and duct tape. 
  • Choose texting over calling to keep phone lines free. Save 911 for emergencies. 
  • Stay inside until you are told it is safe to leave. 

If you have to stay inside for an extended period, having an Emergency Preparedness Plan and a household emergency kit will be invaluable.