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Managing Traffic

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan incorporates various transportation policies and plans for the City to continue to grow while still maintaining a city that is vibrant and attractive to future generations.

Traffic Noise

Monitoring, testing, and evaluation are important tools in the management of traffic noise problems.

Neighbourhood Traffic

The Neighbourhood Traffic Program includes all aspects of the transportation network for local and collector streets, including traffic control (stop and yield signs), pedestrian crossing devices and traffic calming. 

Merging Guidelines

When a lane is closed for construction, motorists may be instructed to use a technique called the zipper merge.

Traffic Studies

Prior to the start of any roadway project, the City often undertakes a series of traffic studies to understand and plan for traffic patterns in the area. 

Traffic Permits

Apply for numerous traffic related permits. Right-of-Way and Truck Permits can be applied for online. There are also forms for Curb, Sidewalk and Ditch Crossing Permits.


The use of signs, traffic signals or crosswalks at intersections play a big part of ensuring motorist and pedestrian safety.