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Road Treatments

Roads really matter to the people of Saskatoon and every year, City Council invests more than $61 million for road rehabilitation and maintenance to make our streets, bridges and sidewalks, smoother, safer and longer-lasting. 

The City frequently surveys road conditions to determine the order in which they get maintained or rehabilitated. Preservation criteria depends on the current road condition, the type of treatment needed, and traffic volume.

To report a road safety concern, please contact the Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476.


Microsurfacing is a treatment that can be likened to staining your fence, where the goal is to preserve the underlying structure. This treatment is for roads considered to be structurally sound with minor imperfections. A mixture of emulsified asphalt and aggregate is applied to the road in a thin protective layer to seal the existing surface, provide an extra layer, and prevent water infiltration. This extends the life of the road and prevents more expensive treatments in the future. 

Patch Paving

Patch paving restores road defects to improve ride quality and drainage. This road treatment is typically followed by microsurfacing. It can be likened to repairing a hole in your fence.


Resurfacing is done when the road has structural or pavement issues. The existing layer of asphalt is removed and replaced with new asphalt - kind of like replacing your fence boards.


Road reconstruction is the most expensive and intrusive road treatment. It is done on roads that have significant structural defects and major pavement issues. The existing layer of asphalt and the road substructure beneath it are completely removed and reconstructed. It would be like replacing your entire fence.

Current and Upcoming Road Work

To see the roads scheduled for upcoming work, visit the Asset Preservation Interactive Map (projects are subject to change). 

How to use the map:

  • Open it in Google Chrome
  • Select the legend in the left hand corner
  • Enter the street you are interested in
  • The street will be highlighted if work is planned between now and 2022

Road Rehabilitation Progress