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Walkways add to the “walkability” of our neighbourhoods. When walkways are closed, walking distances can become much farther to specific destination points such as commercial development sites, schools, community centres and bus stops.

Please review the City's “Walkway Evaluation and Closure” Policy C07-017 to see how we have addressed walkway concerns and identify the department responsible to handle those concerns. Walkways should remain open unless there are safety issues identified by the Police Service.

Department Responsibility

The City's Transportation Division and Public Works Division are the main point of contact for concerns regarding the infrastructure of a walkway. If we receive a complaint we will conduct a preliminary CPTED review, which may include:

  • removing any vegetation that may be restricting sight lines
  • identifying graffiti on the fences and follow the proper procedure for removal
  • determining if street lighting is needed
  • installing appropriate signage for way-finding, or bollards to restrict vehicle use

Public Works Division is the main point of contact for concerns regarding maintenance issues within the walkways. To provide a consistent level of service, all walkways are maintained according to the walkway maintenance policy Walkway Maintenance C07-021. All walkways are maintained in accordance with this policy, which outlines:

  • Regular maintenance includes removal of litter and debris, as well as snow clearing.
  • All primary walkways are inspected monthly or in response to complaint or vandalism. Primary Walkways are those that connect to a park or a trail and include street to street connections.
  • All secondary walkways are inspected four times a year (spring, summer, fall and winter) or in response to complaint or vandalism. Secondary walkways provide access between two or more streets or pathways.
  • All walkways that exhibit abnormal litter and/or vandalism problems are directed to the division director in order that more remedial actions can be taken.

Saskatoon Police Service will be the main point of contact for all concerns related to illegal activity such as vandalism, graffiti, noise or any other public safety issue that cannot be addressed by the Transportation & Utilities Department. If within a one-year period, the concerns are deemed to be unmanageable by the Police, they will make a recommendation to the Transportation & Utilities Department to review the possibility of closure. The Administration will arrange a community meeting to allow residents an opportunity to discuss the issues. If the majority of the residents that attend the meeting are in favour of the closure, the Administration will proceed with the application. If the majority are not in favour of closure, the Administration will work with the residents and the Police to create a safety plan for the neighbourhood.

Closure Process

Based on the outcome of the Community Meeting, the walkway will be considered for closure if:

  • At least one adjacent property owner is willing to purchase the land; and
  • All fees and land costs are paid by the application(s) prior to a public hearing;
  • The application fee for each adjacent property owner shall be $2,000;
  • The land cost for each adjacent property owner shall be $2,000;
  • All costs over and above the application fees and land costs stated above will be paid by the City of Saskatoon except for the cost of utility relocations, which will be the responsibility of the applicants;
  • Walkway applications must be received in writing and signed by all adjacent property owners indicating reasons for closure.
  • Walkway serving as part of the storm water management system will be considered for closure unless suitable arrangements can be made for the adequate provision of service.
  • If a walkway meets the guidelines above, but the adjacent property owners are not willing to purchase the lane (at least one property owner per parcel), there will be a three year waiting period for another application.