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Steps to Safety Training

The Saskatoon Fire Department is pleased to deliver new education opportunities for the Steps to Safety program.

The Saskatoon Fire Department is offering unlimited access to online courses for Continuing Care Aids at Personal Care Homes and family caregivers. Each training module will equip care providers with knowledge to help older adults eliminate fire and fall hazards.

Online learning for staff at Personal Care Homes

Do you work in a Personal Care Home or an assisted living building? These modules will help Continuing Care Aids understand what actions they can take or actions they can encourage the residents to take so that fires and falls can be prevented.

View Personal Care Home training

Online learning for family caregivers

Caring for loved ones is rewarding but challenging work. These modules will provide family caregivers with the knowledge of how to prevent both fires and falls. Sometimes there are small changes that can be implemented to keep family members safer in their environment.

Family caregiver training coming soon.