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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping - beauty sweep

As soon as the roads are dry in early spring, the City begins spring pre-sweeping to remove heavier dirt and debris that gathers over the winter. This includes grassy and concrete boulevards and medians where graded snow was placed. Through April, sweeping crews move quickly through high-traffic streets to collect the bulk of the debris, going around any parked cars to reduce as much as 90% of dust. Watch "Early Spring Street Sweeping" to learn more.

At the beginning of May, a neighbourhood schedule is available and No Parking signs are posted on streets to notify drivers of upcoming curb-to-curb sweeping. At this time, vehicles left on the posted street will get a ticket and be towed to a nearby street. Watch "Your City Street Sweeping" to learn more.

Sweeping today in:

Nutana Suburban Centre
Kelsey - Woodlawn

Enter your address to find your street sweeping day.

If your address contains a unit and building number please separate them with a hyphen. For example: A-123 Ave O S.


Neighbourhood Sweeping Schedule List - May 10-June 30

NOTE: Street sweeping on Saskatoon's main streets is continuous through spring and summer where sweepers go around parked cars.


Adelaide/Churchill Avenues - Thursday, May 27 

Adelaide/Churchill Streets – Friday, June 4 

Arbor Creek Inside – Wednesday, May 19 

Arbor Creek Outside – Tuesday, May 11 

Aspen Ridge Developing - Monday, June 21 

Avalon All - Tuesday, May 25 

Blairmore Suburban Centre All - Monday, June 21 

Brevoort Park All - Wednesday, June 2 

Briarwood Inside - Wednesday, May 12 

Briarwood Outside - Wednesday, May 26 

Brighton Developing - Tuesday, June 22 

Buena Vista Avenues - Sunday, June 6 

Buena Vista Streets - Sunday, May 30 

Caswell Hill Avenues - Thursday, June 10 

Caswell Hill Streets - Thursday, June 17 

City Park Even Avenues - Sunday, June 20 

City Park Odd Avenues - Friday, June 11 

City Park Streets – Tuesday, June 15 

College Park East All - Monday, May 31 

College Park Inside - Tuesday, May 25 

College Park Outside – Wednesday, June 2 

Confederation Park Inside – Monday, June 14 

Confederation Park Outside - Thursday, June 17 

Dundonald All – Sunday, June 13 

Eastview North - Thursday, June 3 

Eastview South - Friday, May 28 

Erindale Inside - Wednesday, May 19 

Erindale Outside - Friday, May 14 

Evergreen Inside – Tuesday, May 18 

Evergreen Outside – Friday, May 14 

Exhibition Avenues - Saturday, May 29 

Exhibition Streets - Saturday, June 5 

Fairhaven Northwest - Saturday, June 19 

Fairhaven Southeast - Wednesday, June 16 

Forest Grove North – Thursday, May 13 

Forest Grove South – Thursday, May 20 

Greystone Heights All - Monday, May 31 

Grosvenor Park All - Friday, June 4 

Hampton Village East – Friday, June 18 

Hampton Village West - Tuesday, June 15 

Haultain Avenues - Friday, June 11 

Haultain Streets - Thursday, June 3 

Holiday Park Avenues - Friday, June 18 

Holiday Park Streets – Wednesday, June 23 

Holliston Avenues - Tuesday, June 1 

Holliston Streets - Monday, June 7 

Hudson Bay Park All - Monday, June 14 

Kelsey - Woodlawn Residential - Saturday, June 12 

Kensington Developing – Monday, June 21 

King George Avenues - Sunday, June 20 

King George Streets - Wednesday, June 16 

Lakeridge Inside - Wednesday, May 26 

Lakeridge Outside - Wednesday, May 12 

Lakeview Inside - Friday, June 11 

Lakeview Outside - Monday, June 7 

Lakewood Suburban Centre All - Wednesday, May 12 

Lawson Heights Inside - Thursday, May 20 

Lawson Heights Outside – Saturday, May 15 

Lawson Heights Suburban Centre All - Monday, May 17 

Massey Place All - Sunday, June 13 

Mayfair Avenues - Tuesday, May 11 

Mayfair Streets - Saturday, May 22 

Meadowgreen Avenues - Saturday, June 19 

Meadowgreen Streets - Wednesday, June 9 

Montgomery Place All – Wednesday, June 9 

Mount Royal Avenues - Thursday, June 10 

Mount Royal Streets - Monday, June 14 

North Park All - Friday, May 21 

Nutana Avenues – Wednesday, June 16 

Nutana Park North - Thursday, June 3 

Nutana Park South - Wednesday, May 26 

Nutana Streets East – Monday, June 7 

Nutana Streets West – Saturday, June 12 

Pacific Heights All – Tuesday, June 8 

Parkridge Inside - Wednesday, June 16 

Parkridge Outside – Saturday, June 19 

Pleasant Hill Avenues – Thursday, June 17 

Pleasant Hill Streets - Sunday, June 20 

Queen Elizabeth Avenues – Saturday, May 29 

Queen Elizabeth Streets – Sunday, June 6 

Richmond Heights All - Thursday, May 20 

River Heights North - Monday, May 17 

River Heights South - Monday, May 10 

Riversdale Avenues – Tuesday, June 22 

Riversdale Streets - Tuesday, June 15 

Rosewood Developing - Wednesday, June 23 

Silverspring North – Saturday, May 22 

Silverspring South - Tuesday, May 18 

Silverwood Heights Inside – Monday, May 17 

Silverwood Heights Outside Area 1 – Friday, May 21 

Silverwood Heights Outside Area 2 – Monday, May 10 

Stonebridge North – Friday, May 28 

Stonebridge Southeast - Tuesday, June 1 

Stonebridge Southwest - Friday, June 4 

Sutherland North – Sunday, May 16 

Sutherland South - Tuesday, May 11 

The Willows All - Sunday, May 23 

University Heights Suburban Centre - Saturday, May 15 

Varsity View Avenues – Sunday, May 23 

Varsity View Streets - Sunday, May 30 

Westmount Avenues - Friday, June 18 

Westmount Streets - Tuesday, June 22 

Westview All - Tuesday, June 8 

Wildwood Inside – Thursday, May 27 

Wildwood Outside – Saturday, June 5 

Willowgrove North - Wednesday, May 19 

Willowgrove South - Thursday, May 13 

WTP Streets - Tuesday, June 15 


 What you can expect from us

  1. Early spring (April) sweeping on busiest streets such as Circle Drive, Idylwyld Drive, 22nd Street, 8th Street and College Drive  to collect debris left from winter, going around parked cars. This includes grassy and concrete medians, park frontages and a first pass through all streets in the Business Improvement Districts. 
  2. Residential neighbourhood sweeping (May 10- June) on streets posted with yellow No Parking signs between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.   The week before (May 3-6) we will post No Parking signs and sweep the arterial streets in neighbourhoods with high street parking.  These completed streets are then left available for parking on the neighbourhood sweeping day. Street Sweeping Service Alerts if there is a change to the residential sweeping schedule. 
  3. Overnight sweeping in Business Improvement Districts  (main streets only) between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month for up to 3 nights starting in May. 
  4. Evening sweeping through all high-traffic streets through summer, going around parked cars.
  5. Evening and overnight sweeping on freeways, bridges and overpasses starting in Mid-May. 

 How you can help us

  1. Search your sweep day and plan alternative parking for your vehicles. 
  2. Watch for yellow No Parking signs beginning in April and remove your vehicle by 7 a.m. on the posted sweeping day to avoid a ticket and/or relocation to a nearby street. Check Find My Vehicle!if your vehicle has moved. Most areas are scheduled is phases, to provide alternate parking within the neighbourhood. 
  3. Watch for slow moving sweeping equipment on the road and stay back for everyone's safety. The operator may not see you approaching, as they are focussed on the work area. Please call our 24-hour customer service centre if you have any questions at 306-975-2476. 
  4. Report locations where residents have illegally pushed excessive leaves onto the street to the Bylaw Inspector at 306-975-3193. City Bylaw Inspectors will investigate and violators may receive a fine. Applicable City Bylaws are: Bylaw No. 7200 The Traffic Bylaw, Bylaw No. 5713 Waste and Dumping, Bylaw No. 8310 The Waste Bylaw.