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 COVID-19 Response: Waste & Recycling

Some waste programs and services have been impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow the link below for a complete list of those affected, as well as information on safe and responsible waste handling.

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Curbside Recycling

Blue Cart Recycling is collected bi-weekly by Loraas Recycle  according to the Collection Calendar available online. 

Multi-Unit Recycling

Multi-unit recycling is provided to all residents living in apartments and condominiums that receive garbage collection with a metal bin. 

Recycling Depots

Saskatoon residents can use the City’s four recycling depots for the same clean, unsorted materials accepted in the blue cart and blue bin residential recycling programs. 

Household Glass Program

Saskatoon residents are encouraged to 'take it, don't break it' and avoid potential glass breakage by taking clean glass jars and bottles to a nearby SARCAN recycling depot.  

Recovery Park

Recovery Park will be a one-stop recycling and waste facility. 

Holiday Recycling

Consider recycling holiday items by selling or giving away excess products, using reusable gift bags or recyclable boxes, purchasing gifts with less packaging, sharing and giving experiences, and planning meals to reduce kitchen waste.