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Storm Water Management Credit Program

The Storm Water Management Credit Program is designed to provide a reduction in storm water charges to multi-residential or non-residential property owners who have implemented storm water and/or pollution prevention best management practices (BMPs).  These BMPs should reduce impacts to the City's storm water infrastructure by improving the quality and/or reducing the quantity of storm water leaving their property.


Storm Water Management Credits are available in three categories, which align with the objectives of the City’s storm water program.

Credit Eligible Categories

Water Quality Improvements (Up to 20%)

Based on the proportion of storm water directed through a quality control infrastructure that meets the minimum standards of 80% total suspended solids removal for particle sizes 50 micron or larger.

Peak Flow Reduction (Up to 30% Credit)

Based on the proportion of storm water for a standard 1-in-2 year rain event held onsite and released slowly to the City's storm water system. The Credit is equal to 0.4 multiplied by the peak flow reduction up to 75%.

Onsite Retention/Runoff Volume Reduction (Up to 50% Credit)

Based on 2% per millimeter of storm water up to 25 mm that is retained onsite and not released to the City's storm water system.

Some BMPs could be eligible under more than one credit category.  In such cases, only one credit category is available for each BMP. Applicants have the flexibility to apply in the category that provides the highest credit.

What are examples of BMPs that may be eligible?

Best Management Practices (BMP) are industry accepted standard practices for onsite control of the quantity and quality of storm water runoff. The following are examples of BMPs that may qualify for credits:

  • Oil and Grit Separators
  • Parking lot storage along with orifice controls
  • Underground storage tanks with orifice controls
  • Enhanced vegetated swales
  • Roof-top storage
  • Green roofs/roof gardens
  • Storm water ponds
  • Rain gardens/bio-retention systems
  • Cisterns
  • Permeable pavement
  • Infiltration Galleries

Descriptions of each of these BMPs can be found in the Credit Program Guidance Manual.

How can I apply for a Credit?

A fully completed Application Form and required supporting documentation including a maintenance plan must be submitted.  Applicants should follow the Credit Program Guidance Manual to aid in the application process. Applications can be mailed to the Storm Water Utility at the address specified below or submitted electronically through email to

Storm Water Utility

Saskatoon Water - Utilities & Environment Department

City of Saskatoon

222 3rd Avenue N

Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0J5

When can I apply for a Credit?

Applicants can apply for the Storm Water Management Credit as part of their building permit application (conditional approval subject to certification that BMPs are operational).  If Credit Program Applicants are not going through the building permit application process, submissions of Credit Applications are encouraged to be submitted by April 30 each year so that the application can be reviewed, and any approved Credit be applied to the Annual Storm Water Management Utility Bill that is sent out between June and August. 

Any fully completed application that is received prior to December 31 will receive a Credit amount that is retroactive to January 1 of the year the fully completed application was received, if the onsite storm water management was operational that year and if the measure is approved for a Credit.  If any supporting documentation is not received prior to December 31, the Credit will not be applied for that year. 

New Credit and Credit Update Application Checklist

- Completed Application Form

- Engineering Drawings and Details (Unless submitted with Building Permit Application)

- Credit Calculation (click here for Credit Calculator)

- Inspection and Maintenance Plan (click here for Template)

- Certificate of Operation (please find template in Guidance Manual)

Please review the Credit Program Guidance Manual for submission details.

Credit Renewal and Change-in-Ownership Application Checklist

- Completed Application Form

- Report confirming BMP performance and condition

- Completed Inspection and Maintenance Log (from previous property owner if Change-in-Ownership Application)

- Updates to Inspection and Maintenance Plan, as required

Please review the Credit Program Guidance Manual for submission details.


What are Storm Water Management Credits?
In November 2018, Saskatoon City Council approved the Storm Water Management Credit (Credit) Program to begin January 1, 2019. Reductions up to a total maximum of 50% of Storm Water Management Charges are provided to property owners who install approved best management practices (BMP) that reduce storm water runoff and pollutants from commercial and multi-residential properties to the City’s storm water system. Three Credit categories are offered:

 - Water Quality Improvement (up to 20%)

 - Peak Flow Reduction (up to 30%)

 - Onsite Retention/Runoff Volume Reduction (up to 50%)

The program is in Bylaw No. 9545, The Storm Water Management Utility Bylaw, 2019. Property owners must apply and be approved for Credits.

What is the purpose of the Credit Program?
Onsite storm water management reduces flooding risk in downstream neighbourhoods, protects storm water drainage basins from sedimentation, and controls the quality of runoff to the South Saskatchewan River. The Credit Program recognizes that property owners incur additional costs to construct and maintain onsite storm water infrastructure that reduces impacts to the City's storm water assets, and helps to offset those expenses.

Can I apply for more than one credit for a single BMP?
No. Applicants have flexibility to apply in the category that provides the highest credit.

Who is eligible for Credits?
Owners of all commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential properties are eligible to apply for Credits if they have installed an onsite storm water BMP. Onsite storm water management measures approved by City engineers as part of the development and building permit approval process since May 2016 will be eligible for a Credit if they have been properly installed and maintained.

Credits are given to the customer listed on the Saskatoon Utility Statement.

Who is "qualified" to certify the application?
A professional engineer or other person as approved by the City will be qualified to provide certification that is needed for the Credit applications. In some cases, documentation from suppliers (e.g. OGS suppliers) may provide sufficient confirmation on the BMP effectiveness. Onsite measures approved by the City of Saskatoon since May 2016 during the development and building permit processes do not require further certification.

What is the City process and timing for approving a Storm Water Management Credit Application?
Within ten business days of receiving an Application package, the City will review and verify if the Application is complete with all required supporting documentation. If all documentation is not provided, the Applicant will be notified of deficiencies, and the application review will be put on hold until all information is received.

City staff with experience in reviewing storm water management reports for development applications will complete a technical review within 20 days of receiving the completed Application including all supporting documentation if no additional information or clarification is required. The Applicant will be notified if Credits are approved or conditionally approved and all terms and conditions are met.

What type of verifications will the City complete?
At any time while the Credit is in place, the City may inspect the onsite storm water BMP to confirm that it is installed and working as indicated in the Application. The City may also request to view the Inspection and Maintenance log and any other supporting documentation.

What if changes occur that impact operations of the BMP?
A Credit Update Application must be submitted no later than three months after any material change such as an alteration, improvement, deficiency, or failure that impacts how the BMP operates. A change includes actions or inaction by a property owner as well as changes unrelated to property owner actions that impacts BMP operations. Late submission of the Credit Update Application may result in cancellation of the Credit and an administration fee may be charged.

How often do I need to renew Credits?
Once, approved, Credits will be applied for a maximum term of five (5) years from the date of approval, subject to compliance with terms and conditions, including required regular maintenance, based on the Inspection and Maintenance Plan. Credits may be renewed for subsequent five (5) year terms. The Credit Renewal Application will require the submission of a completed Inspection and Maintenance Log and verification by a qualified person that the BMP is functioning as intended and is in a good state of repair. The Credit Renewal Application will not require the resubmission of certification of the BMP.

I have a new property with onsite storm water management that was approved by the City. Do I need to apply for a Credit?
Yes. If the City has approved onsite storm water management such as onsite runoff retention or OGS as part of a building permit application since May 2016, a property owner must still apply for Credits. Documentation previously submitted to the City will not need to be submitted again, and the approval process will be expedited.

I am planning to construct onsite BMPs, and would like to know prior to construction what the Credit amount will be.
The online Credit Calculator can be used to determine Credits amounts. Developers who are required to have onsite storm water management plans submitted as part of development and building permit processes are encouraged to submit a Credit Application along with their development and building permit applications. Conditional approvals for Credits will be subject to receipt of Certification of Operation letter and other terms and conditions before the Credit is applied.