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Corporate LeisureCard

The Corporate LeisureCard is available to businesses and organizations who have a minimum of 25 employees and have their offices physically located within the city limits of Saskatoon.

The Corporate LeisureCard offers the employees of eligible businesses a 20% discount on all LeisureCard purchases, including Family LeisureCards! That's right - not only are eligible employees invited to save 20% on their LeisureCards, but they can bring their entire family in on the fun, all while saving 20% with the purchase of a Family LeisureCard.

This product - the Corporate LeisureCard - is available for use at all six of the City's Leisure Centres; Cosmo Civic Centre, Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre, Lakewood Civic Centre, Lawson Civic Centre, Saskatoon Field House, Shaw Centre and The Terry Fox Track. The Corporate LeisureCard is also accepted at additional City facilities, including the 4 Outdoor Pools and 5 Indoor Rinks located throughout Saskatoon. To learn more about each of these unique leisure facilities and the exciting opportunities they present, visit


How to Sign Up

  • If you are an employer:
    If you are an employer looking to enroll in the Corporate LeisureCard, or obtain further information on how it can be used to benefit your employees, please fill out the form listed below and you will be contacted.
  • If you are an employee:
    If you are an employee and would like to know if the business or organization you work for has signed up for the Corporate LeisureCard, please speak directly with your employer.

Company Head Office Information
Saskatoon Office Information

In accordance with Section 24 of The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information collected on this form will be used for purposes relating to application of the Corporate LeisureCard.  If you have any questions relating to the collection or use of this information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (306) 975-3240.