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Inspections & Investigations

Fire Prevention Inspections

Fire prevention inspections are a crucial non-firefighting service performed by Saskatoon Fire Department.

Our effective fire inspection program ensures compliance with legislated life safety and property preservation standards which results in fewer fires, fewer fire deaths and a significant reduction in property losses due to fires.

Fire inspections are completed for all commercial and multi-residential buildings and ensure that the appropriate fire safety equipment and fire and life safety conditions are maintained throughout the building. Where voluntary compliance cannot be achieved through the regular fire inspection and education, the fire inspection process includes enforcement procedures such as licensing, tickets, orders to remedy and prosecutions.

Fire Inspectors also complete Property Maintenance. Property Maintenance inspections are completed for properties where a complaint has been registered on the Safety & Property Maintenance Hotline. 

Saskatoon Fire Department conducts approximately 9,000 inspections of homes, schools and businesses annually.

Fire Investigations

Saskatoon Fire Department's fire investigators are an integral part of our commitment to the safety of the citizens of Saskatoon. The full value of fire investigations is realized when information compiled about the cause and circumstances of fires results in meaningful changes to appropriate acts or bylaws that protect the public from fires of that nature in the future.

Fire investigators investigate fires where there is significant property damage, an injury or death resulted from the fire and/or the fire is suspicious in nature.  The Investigator uses the evidence gathered from a fire ground examination together with witness statements to determine the origin and cause of the fire.  Where the cause of the fire is determined to be arson, a full criminal investigation is conducted by the Saskatoon Police Service.

Saskatoon Fire Department investigates an average of 140 fires annually. 

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