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Storm Water

Flood Control Strategy

To be better prepared for flooding, your city has requested and received $21.6 million in Government of Canada funding to implement our nine-year $54-million Flood Control Strategy.

Home Flood Protection

Homeowners can increase flood resiliency by understanding flood risks and taking preventative actions. All information about the 2022 Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) listed here.

Storm Water System

Storm water is collected via storm drains, located at the curbs of roads, and then flows untreated into the South Saskatchewan River.

Storm Water Credit Program

The Storm Water Management Credit Program is designed to provide a reduction in storm water charges to multi-residential or non-residential property owners who have implemented storm water and/or pollution prevention best management practices.

Storm Water Management Utility Exemption

Your property may qualify for a storm water management utility exemption. Find out more.