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Woodlawn Cemetery

COVID-19 Response:  Woodlawn Cemetery Administration Building

Woodlawn Cemetery and grounds are open during regular business hours. The building’s washroom will remain closed to the public to ensure the safety of operations staff. Other safety protocols will be in place guided by the current Provincial Health Order. For further inquiries, please call 306-975-3308 or email

City Cemeteries are currently open during regular business hours. If you are visiting any cemetery grounds, we ask that you follow physical distancing guidelines.  

To find the location of your loved one, please use the Cemetery Burial Search

Woodlawn Cemetery

With its serene wooded lanes and far-reaching past, Woodlawn Cemetery tells a narrative of lives lived and history made. The generous 105-acre site is beautifully landscaped and offers a restful setting for visitors. It is maintained to the highest of standards by the City of Saskatoon and is a member of the Western Canada Cemetery Association.

Woodlawn Cemetery works to accommodate all religious traditions within its Bylaws and Regulations. There are designated areas for different denominations as well as sections for children, infants, and cremated remains. The University of Saskatchewan, The Military Field of Honour, and flat marker and upright monuments, also have their own sections.

Centrally located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Warman Road since 1905, it is easily accessible by car and public transport. The street address is 1502 2nd Avenue North.

Product and Services     

Service Hours

Normal service hours are Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 4p.m. Funeral services are available outside these hours, but will be subject to applicable fees.

Woodlawn requires 48 hours notice to prepare a site for a service otherwise a short-notice fee will apply.
Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates and contact the office with any further questions.

Cemetery Plots

A variety of options are available for casket and cremation, including upright monument, flat marker and religious and non-denominational sections.

Interment & Plot Options

A. In-Ground Casket Plots

Our casket plot offerings are outlined below. All fees include a mandatory contribution for the first interment to the Perpetual Care. 

  • Child plots are for a child aged 12 and under with casket length measuring less than 48 inches
  • Infant plots are for an infant aged one month and younger with casket length measuring less than 24 inches 
  • Military graves are for serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, allied veterans of the Second World War or Korean conflict, serving or past members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or those members of the Saskatoon Police Service killed in the line of duty and in all cases this shall include the spouse of the person.

A total combination of four interments (i.e. casket and cremation) is allowed in one plot.

Example #1 (2 caskets & 2 cremations)
In this scenario, the first casket is interred at nine feet and the second casket at six feet. Two cremations are interred at three feet.

A deepening charge will be applied to the first casket interment. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.
2 caskets and 2 urns

Example #2 (1 casket & 3 cremations)
The first casket will be interred at six feet followed by three cremations at three feet.

Note, if a cremation was interred prior to a casket interment and the wishes are to continue with a casket interment, the cremation will be raised in order to allow for the casket to be interred. 

1 casket and 3 urns

Example #3 (4 cremations) You may purchase a casket plot and utilize it for up to four cremations.

4 Urns

B. In-Ground Cremation Plots

Two cremated human remains can be interred in a single plot. Below outlines the different cremation plot offerings. All fees include a mandatory contribution for the first interment to the Perpetual Care Fund.
Cremation Plot

C. Columbarium

A columbarium is a permanent, above-ground structure that includes many spaces or niches for cremated human remains. Each niche can hold up to two cremated remains. The dimensions of the niches vary but average dimensions are 1ft high x 1ft wide x 1.5 ft deep. (30.5cm high x 30.5cm wide x 45.7cm deep).


Colombarium         Columbarium

Private Columbarium

Families can purchase their own mini columbarium for their private estate. The dimensions of the monuments are regulated by the Bylaws and Regulations.

Private Estate

Monuments must be purchased through a monument dealer. The sizes of these monuments vary and are designed to have anywhere from two to six niches. Each niche can hold two cremation urns.

Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

Interment Services 

This covers the grave preparation for interment during regular cemetery hours. Included is excavation, setup of the lowering device and greens, closing the grave after the service and landscaping of the site. A part of this fee contributes to maintaining permanent records in the cemetery office for future generations. Please contact the office for information on disinterring of human remains.

During the winter months the interment preparation requires longer time for snow clearing and digging through ground frost. Winter fees are adjusted to reflect these extra costs.

Winter Rates November 15 - April 30 
Summer Rates May 1- November 14

Below is an outline of the different interment services that Woodlawn Cemetery offers. Please note that the opening and closing service fees are included in each of the options.

Vault Options

A . Adult Casket (Including Vault)

i) Fiberglass Dome

Each casket interment must be covered by a fiberglass dome which protects the casket from the weight of the soil and heavy machinery. Families can opt out of using a fiberglass dome if they purchase a concrete vault instead. A fiberglass dome may be purchased from a funeral home if it meets the cemetery Bylaws and Regulations. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

ii) Fiberglass Base and Dome

base and dome

For additional protection to the casket, a fiberglass base along with the fiberglass dome can be purchased. This is optional. Please see the fee brochure for applicable fees.

 iii) Non-Sealing Concrete Vault

A non-sealing concrete vault is similar to a fiberglass dome, protecting the casket from the weight of the soil and heavy equipment. The concrete vault will provide more protection than a fiberglass dome. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

iv). Sealing Concrete Vault

Sealing Concrete

A sealed concrete vault will prevent water and soil from entering the vault and preventing damage to the casket. Please see the fee brochure for applicable fees.


B. Cremated Remains


It is mandatory that each cremation interment be placed in a fiberglass vault. This protects the urn from the weight of soil and heavy machinery. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

Memorialization Services

A variety of memorialization options are available, including monuments, columbarium inscription, vases and memorial tree stands.

Memorialization Options


Included is the supply and installation of concrete foundations for upright monuments, installation of flat markers, and application reviews and coordinating installation with monument dealers. Local monument dealers will include these fees in their costs and forward the appropriate fee to the cemetery on your behalf.

Some areas of the cemetery will require a concrete foundation, while others have a concrete strip in place. Both options provide a level and stable surface for the monument.


Flat marker sections do not require a concrete foundation or concrete strip. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.


IMPORTANT: There are regulations specifically governing the size, type, material and placement of all monuments in the cemetery (Please see Bylaws and Regulations for monuments). The City of Saskatoon accepts no responsibility for any monument work initiated prior to the approval of the application.

The  Monument application form

B. Columbarium Inscription

Columbarium niches can be inscribed after purchase. The only limitation is the number of characters that will fit on the plaque. There is an additional fee for any inscriptions required in the future. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

C. Vase Options

i) Permanent In-Ground Vase

In accordance with the Bylaws and Regulations, plastic floral arrangements must be placed in a vase. Below is an example of a vase used for flat marker sections.  The vase can be inverted upside to prevent damage when not in use or for winter storage. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.



ii) Columbarium Vase


For the columbarium, a columbarium vase may be purchased and installed at a certain niche, allowing floral arrangements to be placed in accordance with the Bylaws and Regulations. Please see the fee brochure for applicable rates.

iii)Memorial Tree Stand


In the past, memorial tree stands were solely used to remember those who served in the military (See Memorial Avenue). However, they may now be purchased to remember all loved ones. The family or individual may choose the plaque inscription for available trees in the Woodlawn Cemetery that do not have memorial tree stands present.

Perpetual Care Fund

Part of the interment fees go towards the Woodlawn Cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund. This fund ensures that long-term care, maintenance and landscaping are carried out to the highest standards.

In addition, there is a Monument Perpetual Care Fund with fees varying with the type and size of the monument. This fund is used for the ongoing care of monuments such as levelling of upright or flat markers.

All plots fees include a mandatory contribution for the first interment, and each additional interment in the same plot requires further contribution to this fund. Fees vary according to whether it is a casket or cremation interment.

You may place a landscape request if you have an issue with an interment site (i.e. sunken grave or unleveled monument). To place a landscape request, please contact the office. The City of Saskatoon is not responsible for the replacement of monuments that are deteriorating or vandalized.

All cemeteries are governed by the Cemeteries Act, 1999 which states that all cemeteries composed of 12 or more plots must establish a trust fund. Only the income from this fund can be applied to the maintenance costs, while the principle must remain untouched. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

To return a plot, the rights holder must present a letter which states they want to return the plot to the City of Saskatoon. The City will refund 85 per cent of the original purchase payment. For more information on purchase, sale and transfer of interment rights, please see the Bylaws and Regulations. Please contact the office for further assistance.

Bylaws and Regulations

These Bylaws and Regulations ensure the efficient management, regulation and control of Saskatoon’s municipal cemeteries. These regulations cover the following topics:

 Interments and Disinterment Regulations
 Purchase, Sale and Transfer of Interment Rights Policy
 Monument Regulations
 Flowers and Memorialization Regulations

Cemetery Regulations

For further assistance please contact the office.

Interment Search

Saskatoon's Woodlawn Cemetery has seen approximately 63,000 burials since it was first opened.

To find the location of your loved one, please use the Cemetery Burial Search

Special Events

Special Events Memorial events are hosted annually at Woodlawn Cemetery.  Call Woodlawn Cemetery for more information.

  • Life Celebration Service (June)
  • Decoration Day (June)