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Sidewalk Clearing

Thanks snow much for clearing your sidewalks

Snow and freeze/thaw cycles can result in very hazardous conditions on walkways and sidewalks for everyone – particularly for service providers and those with limited mobility. When it snows 5 cm or more, we clear sidewalks next to City-owned facilities, pedestrian overpasses, bridge walkways and high-pedestrian downtown sidewalks with built-in trees and landscaping.  Asphalt park pathways with street lighting are cleared within 48 hours after a snowstorm ends.

Thanks snow much for doing your part to keep Saskatoon’s sidewalks safe!

Residents, please clear your sidewalks within 48 hours after a snowfall, and toss the snow onto your property, not onto the street. Businesses, please clear your sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall. Sidewalks should have at least 1.2 metres wide of cleared space and have minimal snow pack.

If your neighbour is elderly, has health concerns or mobility restrictions, please lend a hand (and warm their heart!) by clearing their sidewalk. 

Report an uncleared sidewalk

Please call the Bylaw Compliance at 306-657-8766 to report an uncleared sidewalk. We look into all uncleared sidewalk reports. If necessary, the Bylaw Inspector will issue a Bylaw Notice requiring the resident to clear their sidewalk within 48 hours. If the resident doesn’t clear the snow, the City will clear the sidewalk and that resident will be charged on their property tax notice.

Are you a business on 23rd Street? Check your mailbox for information about snow clearing in the dedicated bike lane! By coordinating your sidewalk clearing with night time snow removal, we can keep Saskatoon moving Downtown after a snowfall.