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Council Member Expenses

Council Communications and Constituency Relations Allowance

Policy C01-027, Council Communications and Constituency Relations Allowance, requires that within 60 days of the end of the quarter, the City Clerk’s Office post all expenses, individually and in detail.

 City Council Travel and Training Expenses

Section 3.4 of Policy No. C01-023, “City Councillors’ Travel and Training”, states that the City Clerk will, on an annual basis, prepare a report listing the total cost of each Councillor’s Common and Individual Travel and Training.   Also included are Councillors’ other travel and training expenses that were either budgeted outside of the regular travel budget (i.e. pension training for those Councillors that do not sit on a pension board) or were paid from other sources (i.e. Board of Police Commissioners, Pension Boards, etc.)

Individual Travel and Training

Each Councillor is allotted funds annually for general travel and training, such as attendance at the annual SUMA convention and FCM conference. 

Common (Appointed) Travel and Training

A Common Travel and Training Budget is provided in order for Councillors to attend annual conferences or board meetings of any organization on which he or she is appointed as an official representative of the City of Saskatoon, or as a Board member, such as the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association or FCM Board and Committees.

Pension (Non-Appointed) and Other Travel and Training

There are various Boards that Councillors are either appointed to or have a vested interest in that fall outside of the above travel and training budgets.

Car Allowance

City Council resolved, at its meeting held on January 29, 2018, that in accordance with its commitment to transparency, the annual posting of car allowance expenditures and travel training expenditures for members of City Council to the City’s website be to the same level of detail as currently provided for City Council’s Communications and Constituency Relations Allowance.  Redacted receipts and related information are posted accordingly.