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Safety & Prevention Programs

FIRE Cadets - Saskatoon Fire Department

SFD's Community Relations team facilitates a number of life and fire safety programs. To inquire about a program, contact the Community Relations team at 306-975-2520. 

Station Tours 

In light of COVID-19, Saskatoon Fire Department will not be hosting in-person station tours until further notice. Alternatively, three online station tours are available for public viewing via YouTube: 

Remembering When 

Remembering When is a comprehensive fire and fall prevention program for older adults in Saskatoon. The program uses nostalgia to promote 16 key safety messages — eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention. The program is delivered as group presentations or individual home visits. Learn more about Remembering When

F.I.R.E. Cadets 

The F.I.R.E. Cadent program gives high school students the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a firefighter through building new and strengthening existing life skills. These skills are intended to contribute to one’s success in all aspects of life, including future career applications. Participants are coached in responsibility, respect, leadership, community involvement, teamwork, pride, and professionalism over the course of an eight-week program. 

Fire Stop 

Fire Stop is an intervention initiative that addresses children under the age of 17 who have set fires or are drawn to playing with fire. The program provides efficient, effective, and meaningful education for participants and their families on the dangers of fire and the devastating effects on families and the community. The goal of the program is to reduce property damage and injuries that result from fires set by youth. 

Car Seat Clinics 

In partnership with SGI, Saskatchewan Safety Council and Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, the SFD hosts several car seat clinics each year. At the clinic, parents have the opportunity to get their car seat inspected and learn how to properly install the car seat in their vehicle. The goal of the program is to ensure children's car seats are safe, secure and the right fit. 

Community Police and Fire Academy 

The SFD and Saskatoon Police Service, in partnership with the Saskatoon Council on Aging are shining a light on prevention through a fun, innovative program called the Community Police and Fire Academy. The collaborative program aims to empower adults ages 55+ through information about safety and security issues that will help them live safely and independently. 

Participants gain valuable knowledge about the police and fire services such as: home and personal security, fraud prevention, internet safety, traffic safety, elder abuse, K-9 policing, emergency preparedness, fire safety, fall prevention, the 911 system and how to report a crime.