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Water Treatment Plant - Transfer Pumping and Electrical Upgrades

Please Note

Equipment noise can be heard in the river valley from time to time due to this large construction project at the Water Treatment Plant. We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to monitor the noise level.

The Transfer Pumping and Electrical Upgrades Project is the construction of a fully automated transfer pumping system that will transport water from the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) clear wells to the UV disinfection system and into the adjacent reservoir.

The project also includes essential electrical, instrumentation and control upgrades which will enhance operational safety. The upgrades will affect all major process areas including the filters, chlorine, chemical feed, control power supplies, residuals handling, clarifiers, UV disinfection and sand separation.  The critical component of the electrical improvements is the addition of standby power generators, which will improve the reliability and efficiency of the entire WTP.

The Water Treatment Plant’s Transfer Pumping and Electrical Upgrades is a three-year, $43 million project, expected to be completed in early 2024.

  • March 2022 Update: construction of the Transfer Pumping and Electrical Upgrades Project is approximately 77% complete. 

Transfer Pumping Facility (rendering)

Rendering of Transfer Pumping Facility

Saskatoon Water Treatment Plant - Transfer Pumping & Electrical Upgrades
Water Treatment Plant Upgrades