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New Payment and Purchasing Guidelines

UPDATE: City of Saskatoon Supply Chain Management Offices to move from 222 Cardinal Crescent to a new downtown location.
Effective May 2, 2022, the City of Saskatoon's Supply Chain Management Offices will relocate from 222 Cardinal Crescent to Civic Square East, 202 4th Avenue North adjacent to City Hall. 
Need to connect with us after we move?
In-person Now By Appointment Only: Please call 306-975-2600 to make an appointment - there is no public access at Civic Square East.
 Reminder: Vendors interested in doing business with the City of Saskatoon by bidding on an opportunity -  must first register on with a valid email address. You'll then be able to download the RFx documents and view the specific requirements.

City of Saskatoon has moved to SAP for procurement and payment of materials and services.

The City of Saskatoon has implemented SAP, an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, for procurement and accounts payable effective January 04, 2021.

SAP is a web-based tool for procurement, invoice management and payment processes. New guidelines for purchasing and payment align with SAP industry best practice and improve the communications and processing of supplier purchases and payments.

The City of Saskatoon values its relationship with vendors and is committed to continuous improvement and transparency in doing business with the City.

All City of Saskatoon purchases must be supported by:

  1. Electronic Purchase Order that is system generated from SAP and transmitted to the supplier via email, or
  2. Purchasing Card (Pcard) used at the time of purchase and the value does not exceed $10,000.00 or the cardholder limit.
    • Splitting transactions (i.e. swiping the card twice) to circumvent this limit is strictly prohibited.
Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders must be created, accurate, updated and released to the supplier prior to arrangement of delivery of goods and/or provision of the service.

Purchasing Cards

The Purchasing Card (Pcard) provides a convenient and cost-effective method for the purchasing and payment of low dollar amount transactions for the City of Saskatoon. The Pcard Program enables City employees to streamline small dollar purchases.

Invoice Submissions

To ensure that the City of Saskatoon can efficiently and accurately provide payment to our Suppliers and meet relevant legislative requirements, a standard procedure is in place for processing all invoices. All invoices must conform to the standards within this document.

  • All invoices must match the purchase order and the goods receipt/service acceptance to ensure a three-way match.
  • We will not process invoices that do not meet this criteria. They may be rejected by return email outlining the reason for rejection and any actions that need to be taken.
  • Rejected invoices need to be corrected by the Vendor and resubmitted for payment.
Invoice Submission Guidelines
  • Invoices must be submitted once only and can be submitted using the Invoice Submission Form below.
  • The invoice number, account number (if applicable), remit to details, and Purchase Order number must be clearly indicated on the invoice.
  • Refer to your Purchase Order for potential additional invoice submission details.
  • If you do not have a Purchase Order number associated with your invoice, please contact your City of Saskatoon representative to obtain one prior to submitting the invoice and ensure the following information is included:
    • The Supplier name on the invoice must match the one listed on the Purchase Order.
    • The City of Saskatoon entity on the invoice must match the one listed on the Purchase Order.
  • Any country-specific VAT/GST regulatory invoice requirements must be met.
  • Invoices with VAT/GST tax applicable must have both the vendor address and tax registration number clearly displayed on the Invoice.
  • Vendor remittance details listed on the invoice must match those held on file by City of Saskatoon.
Credit Adjustments

All credit adjustments must reference the applicable Purchase Order number and relevant invoice number.

Payment Method

The City of Saskatoon’s preferred payment method is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).



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