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Community Associations

Community Associations

Community associations are non-profit organizations made up of volunteers from your neighbourhood.  Community Associations enhance the quality of life of the people within the neighbourhood by:

  • Planning and organizing affordable sport, culture and recreational programs in the fall, winter and spring
  • Creating a community newsletter
  • Operating the community rink
  • Organizing community events, such as neighbourhood clean-ups, BBQs and special days in the park

Interested in volunteering, or learning more about your Community Association?  Click on your neighbourhood below, or type in your address to find out what neighbourhood you live in.


Getting Involved in a Community Association
  1. Identify the arts, culture and/or recreational activities you are
    experienced in and have an interest in teaching. Check out the
    Community Association section of the Leisure Guide for examples
    of current classes.
  2. ​For the opportunity to teach new or existing programs, please send
    your resume and references to or call
    (306) 321-7994 for more information.
  3. Pick the program times and locations that work best for you.​